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Signmaking Just Got Greener




Signs By Tomorrow of Palm Desert is excited to announce the arrival of its new HP L25500 Latex Printer.  This state-of-the-art technology will allow Signs By Tomorrow to continue to produce high quality signs and graphics while reducing the impact on the environment.
In recent years, the predominant form of printing for the sign industry has been solvent inkjet printing.  While the prints were of high quality and had a long usable life, the downside was the use of solvents.  The printing process releases Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air.  Not only is indoor air quality an issue at the point of production, but the prints continue to outgas in their final environment, releasing VOCs into the atmosphere.  In addition, solvent inkjet printers produce hazardous solvent waste which must be disposed of properly.
The new HP Latex Ink technology is aqueous-based but has the same quality and durability as solvent printing.  Latex inks produce no harmful VOCs or hazardous waste.  In addition, through its Planet Partners Program, HP will recycle used printheads and ink cartridges at no cost.  HP also produces seven media for the L25500 that can be recycled after the customer is done with them.  This Large Format Media Take Back program is also provided at no cost.

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