Real Deals: Raising a sign in Amarillo



Earlier this year, Signs By Tomorrow Fort Worth, wrapped up the final stages of installation on their biggest project to date – designing, producing and mounting signage on three sides of the tallest building in downtown Amarillo. The display reads “First Bank Southwest” in 6-foot lettering, paired with 7-foot logos and now stands on the high-rise that was formerly known as Chase Tower. According to Andy Levingston, who oversees marketing and sales efforts for Signs By Tomorrow, the assignment took several months to complete, from designing the blueprints to tediously installing the display letter-by-letter.

“It was definitely a long-haul project,” said Levingston. “The design itself took upwards of four months, followed by six weeks of production and more than three weeks of installation.”

The displays now stand at 600 South Tyler Street in Amarillo, with the letters showing off their green hue in the daytime, then glowing bright white after sunset.

“Working on the tallest tower in the city was a major proposal, but I’m so proud of the work our employees put into it,” said Levingston. “It opened up a lot of doors for the future of Signs By Tomorrow. We now have plans for some lower-level signage on the same First Bank tower later this month, and a few more large-scale assignments in the Fort Worth area coming very soon.”