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Indoor Routed & Sandblasted Signs

Allentown, PA

Achieve a distinctive rugged, rustic look with sandblasted wood or custom-carved signs.

The purpose of most signage, of course, is to stand out. And, in this age of sophisticated illuminated options and colorful digital graphics, few signs distinguish themselves as readily as interior custom wood signs from Signs By Tomorrow!

Dimensional wood signs are an ideal choice for storesrestaurantslodging and other establishments seeking to establish a Western or outdoor ambiance. We can custom design your selection by carving or routing logos, graphics and letters into wooden signs or those made from other materials. Alternately, these same elements can be made to “stand out” by sculpting away the surrounding material in a style known as "bas-relief."

Individual letters, logos and graphics can be shaped from redwood, cedar or high-density urethane (HDU). And, if your choice is a carved or routed wood sign, sandblasting can add texture. What’s more, the entire sign can be painted or only selected portions of it—such as your logo or company name.

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