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Arlington Heights, IL

Cargo Vans are a very popular vehicle for business to have in their fleet.  They present a large area on both sides as well as the rear for marketing messages.  Whether it's simply the logo and phone number or a full wrap, it is highly recommended to have some kind of message on your company van to promote yourself to the community you service.

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One color graphics get the job done right! Two or more colors catch everyone's eye!
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Simple layouts are easy to read! Full van utilization turns your van into a traveling marketing machine!

Vehicle lettering and graphics have become one of the most high impact visual marketing solutions available today.This is a great way to promote your business while on the road. Your vehicle becomes a moving billboard. You have the ability to reach up to 70,000 people each day. Vehicle graphics costs are only a fraction of what traditional billboards, TV,Radio, and print ads would cost. Fleet graphics deliver the most effective cost per impression compared to any other form of advertising. Vehicle wraps help increase the exposure of your company, establish a company identity, and help the company showcase your professional image. Studies have also shown that 96% of people on the roads noticed that truck side ads and fleet graphics had more of an impact than billboards. Not only are vehicle wraps less expensive than a custom paint job, the vinyl does not effect the vehicles original paint job. The vinyl can be easilly removed without an damage to the surface.


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