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Arlington Heights, IL

Perforated Window Film is a great way to advertise on your windows, yet maintain some (filtered) day or sun light and see-through capabilities. Light conditions do apply, please call us or stop by to discuss various options and pros and cons. 

Perforated Vinyl Window Film Perforated Vinyl Window Film
Perforated Window Film for great advertising and semi privacy. Perforated Window Graphics with see-through capabilities and sun or glare protection.
Perforated Vinyl Vehicle Window Film Perforated Vinyl Window Film
Perforated Window Film is also a perfect application for vehicle rear or side windows. Perforated Window Film can also be used on windows with company logos & photos.

Pros and Cons for Overlaminating Window Perf Vinyl

"When you're talking about laminating perforated window film the answer isn't so cut and dry.

- If you want optimal protection for fading and scuff resistance then you use optically clear vinyl overlaminate. 

- However, if you want the utmost visibility through the perforated window film, then you can't overlaminate.

Durability of Perforated Vinyl Applications

According to manufacturer's information, the perf. vinyl is expected to last a year (some say 2) without lamination, may be 2 or bit longer with lamination....,

However, our "real life" experiences have been significantly better. The vinyl perf on our store door (no Lamination) is approx. 5 years old and still looks good. The Window Perf. on my Explorer lasted several years, in spite of rear window washer wiper and the perf. on my truck lasted several years too.  A lot has to do with sun exposure and proper care; i.e. no harsh cleaners or chemicals.

The vinyl material manufacturing industry is not regulated which means, information provided by manufacturers is not on an apples to apples comparison. However, our hands-on, trial and error testing, experience and already applied applications are a real advantage to our customers to find the best value for their money; rather than taking a manufacturer's or sales person's word or paying premium fees for supposedly longer durability or other reasons.

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