Take Back Program


Responsible stewardship: HP's simple take-back program provides commercial printers and their customers the ability to return large format banners and flags after use. signs by tomorrow photo 2


For over 15 years, HP has made it easy to recycle HP ink cartridges, printers, and other technology products. As part of the HP Planet Partners program, this free and convenient return and recycling program makes it easy for you and your customers to return HP recyclable media. Simply pack up eligible printing materials. HP picks up the shipping expense and handles sorting and recycling. This free recycling service is open to customers in the United States and Europe. The program allows you to return and recycle any of the following HP large-format printing materials:


HP Photo-ealistic Poster Paper and HP White Satin Poster Paper can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs. Our state-of-the-art processes ensure that the plastics and fibers used in eligible HP printing materials are recycled in a way that conserves resources and reduces the environmental impact of printing.

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