Vehicle Signage is a high-impact, cost-effective solution for your business. Not only do you garner an audience of millions, you also gain the benefit of repetitive and word-of-mouth advertising.

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Multiple colors on a high impact background color, like red, tend to be big eye-catchers. Including your logo as well as other information, such as phone numbers and website addresses, are perfect examples of high impact marketing.
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Remember that your trailer is viewed from all sides.  Adding graphics to the back, and sometimes the front, could increase your chances of visibility. Sometimes, simple works the best.  One color on a high impact background color gets straight to the point.  If you're on a budget but still would like to improve your marketing capabilities - this is one of many options you have.

Vehicle lettering and graphics have become one of the most high impact visual marketing solutions available today.This is a great way to promote your business while on the road. Your vehicle becomes a moving billboard. You have the ability to reach up to 70,000 people each day. Vehicle graphics costs are only a fraction of what traditional billboards, TV,Radio, and print ads would cost. Fleet graphics deliver the most effective cost per impression compared to any other form of advertising. Vehicle wraps help increase the exposure of your company, establish a company identity, and help the company showcase your professional image. Studies have also shown that 96% of people on the roads noticed that truck side ads and fleet graphics had more of an impact than billboards. Not only are vehicle wraps less expensive than a custom paint job, the vinyl does not effect the vehicles original paint job. The vinyl can be easilly removed without an damage to the surface.