Banking on Success:  First Bank Financial Centre Case Study

First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC), a southeastern Wisconsin-based community bank, began extensive rebranding efforts in 2010, which began with their Menomonee Falls branch. During the last few years, their interior and exterior brand plans have been solidified, and they consistently strive to work with the most suitable vendors to ensure success. wall graphics

In 2012, as FBFC began construction plans for a new bank branch in Grafton, they were also in search of an alternate graphics and visual communications vendor that could provide more strategic direction and project management expertise. Signs By Tomorrow (SBT) West Allis was recommended to them as a potential fit.

After conducting phone interviews with several custom signs and graphics vendors, FBFC ultimately selected SBT West Allis as their new graphics partner. “They not only had all the products and solutions we needed, but they offered material and processes improvements, and could execute quickly, with minimal direction,” says Jodi Schwefel, FBFC Corporate Marketing.

Putting Together an Effective Team

After meeting with the bank and evaluating their signage needs, SBT West Allis president, Dan Bruk, and his staff worked closely with the bank’s Corporate Marketing Department to develop an efficient, effective production schedule for the new signs and graphics .

Produced and Installed

SBT West Allis provided FBFC with production and installation of all the custom graphics required to brand the inside of its new Grafton branch.

SBT West Allis and FBFC were able to work together to achieve branded signage and a quality look and feel in their new office space. “The project was very specific in terms of color,” explains Dan. “A great deal of cross-checking and verifying colors was required wall signsthrough the process.”

Despite a few challenges, SBT West Allis met all pre-set deadlines. “SBT West Allis kept the ball rolling and worked within the allocated time frame, even when having to frequently overnight color swatches in order to calibrate accurate colors,” says Jodi.

Making the Best First Impression

Quality signage can do wonders to wow visitors—when it is done right. Here are some tips.

Thinking Beyond the Basics

It would have been easy to provide just the basics, but SBT West Allis went above and beyond, making recommendations to help FBFC’s new bank branch project go even more smoothly. “FBFC had previously used a proprietary magnetic product at their other locations,” explains Dan. “It was very heavy and complicated to use. The backing piece wasinterior branding on a wall and you could change out the image, but it was hard to reposition, even if the image was skewed a bit. You couldn’t change the position easily because the pull was too strong. SBT West Allis offered them a different solution, making the back piece smaller and using a different methodology to make it easier and more flexible to swap out the image.”

SBT West Allis also recommended substituting etched-effect graphic decals on interior glass doors rather than their current solution, which was a digital print. The result was an improved, more upscale look for the bank.

Looking Ahead

“Dan was diligent in finding solutions, problem solving and recommending the best products for our needs.”

- Jodi Schwefel, FBFC Corporate Marketing

By the time the project was complete, SBT West Allis provided a variety of branded solutions that helped FBFC tell its story – from their 150+ years of serving local communities, to their charitable giving program, to point-of-sale materials – and Dan is proud of what his team achieved. “Based on FBFC’s feedback, we provided high-quality, affordable signage, peace of mind, and a positive experience,” he says.

Jodi agrees. “SBT West Allis provided impeccable customer service,” she says. “Dan was diligent in finding solutions, problem solving and recommending the best products for our needs. They genuinely care about their customers. It’s evident that they take great pride in their work, and make customer service a priority.”

The resulting office space is one that FBFC can be proud of as well. The custom signage has vibrant colors, engaging images, clean lines, and professional installation make the new office come alive with sophisticated energy.

SBT West Allis worked diligently through color calibrations challenges and tight deadlines to ensure overall client satisfaction. “Based on the success of this project, we plan to partner with Dan and his team for our long-term graphics needs,” says Jodi. “Dan was diligent in finding solutions, problem solving and recommending the best products for our needs.” Jodi Schwefel, FBFC Corporate Marketing