5 Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions On Vehicle Graphics


5 Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions On Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics not only command a lot of attention on the road but also gain a lot of interest among potential users including businesses, organizations and event planners. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions on vehicle graphics:

 1. What are vehicle graphics?

Vehicle graphics are thin sheets of cast vinyl that adhere to surfaces on cars, trucks, trailers, buses, boats and more. Often printed in vibrant colors and showcasing eye-catching graphics, they come in several types:

  • Vinyl lettering
  • Decals of company logos or graphics
  • Partial wraps covering up to 75% of a vehicle’s surface
  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Window graphics (for side and rear windows) in perforated vinyl that allows the driver to see out and showcases a custom design to those outside of the vehicle    

 2. How do you design vehicle graphics?

When designing partial wraps or full wraps, a designer first accesses a digital template of your car, truck or another vehicle on a computer. If it’s an uncommon application, they’ll take photos and create their own template. Using software like Adobe Illustrator, the designer will next fill in the template with the design elements you choose.

Specify text spelling out your company name, address and phone number. Choose your custom colors. Add your logo plus graphics and/or photos that represent your business (e.g., flowers, plumbing services, auto parts, etc.). The software allows for unlimited experimentation until your design is exactly the way you want it.Questions about vehicle graphics

3. How do you print vehicle graphics?

Once your vehicle wrap design is finalized, it’s printed on thin sheets of cast vinyl — most often using solvent ink-jet printers up to 12-feet wide. Vinyl graphics are coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and backed with a paper-liner that's removed at the time of installation.

4. How do you apply vehicle graphics?

From vinyl letters and decals to vehicle wraps and window graphics, the application process is best left to experienced pros. Careful cutting and fitting are required, and the adhesive backing on vehicle graphics is not forgiving of installation errors; it sticks securely once applied!

In the hands of application specialists, vehicle graphics look great. The cast vinyl material doesn’t shrink. So, it allows installers to go over complex curves on cars and trucks and even rivets (e.g., on trailers) with the assurance of excellent adhesion without distortion.

5. How much do vehicle graphics cost?

The price of vehicle graphic depends on variables including the square footage of vehicle, its complexity (i.e., flatness or curviness), material choice and coverage (e.g., windows and/or roof). But, as a very rough guide know that:

  • Vinyl letters and decals begin at about $200*
  • Partial vehicle wraps begin at about $1,000
  • Full vehicle wraps start off at around $1,800

Perhaps a better question would be, how much value do I derive from vehicle graphics? And that answer would be, plenty!

Per industry research, vehicle graphics are an incredibly powerful and remarkably affordable advertising medium — delivering consumer impressions at a lower cost-per-thousand than many alternatives.  

Another plus? Unlike an old-style custom painted graphic, the vinyl removes readily when it’s time to take your vehicle out of service. You gain a higher resale value. What’s more, the vinyl actually serves to protect the vehicle’s original finish. It’s practically as good as new!Trailer wraps - custom vehicle graphics

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