Banner Up! Seven Tips for Great Design


Banner Up! Seven Tips for Great Design

Highly affordable and appropriate for most occasions indoors or out, there’s no denying that custom banners appeal to businesses and organizations. But how do you increase their appeal to those who matter most — the people you’re hoping to motivate or inform?

Here are some tips for creating the best banner for your needs:

1.Don’t blend in — stand out: To capture attention and offer optimum readability, the color scheme of your or should contrast with the hues in the background. For example: If the walls of your event hall are dark, opt for a light banner.

2.Go big with large text: After all, the aim of most custom signs, including vinyl banners, is to attract attention from a distance. So to be seen: Be big!

3.Choose a bold font: Working hand in hand with text size to enhance readability is your typeface selection. As a rule, avoid “busy” options when creating. Typically, bold sans-serif fonts are the easiest to read.

4.Deliver a simple message: Avoid the urge to overcommunicate! Most likely walking or driving by, your audience will not have time to read a lot of text. need to communicate your message at a glance, so use as few words as possible!

5.Focus on what’s important: Are you seeking to increase brand awareness with your, or are you attempting to convey information or induce a specific action? For the first option, a company name and logo are likely sufficient. For the latter two, short headlines like “Grand Opening Next Week” or “Save 20% Now” will probably be enough.

6.Use high-quality graphics: The right images can not only capture attention but also do the work of many words — enhancing the impact of your s or s. Given their importance, employ high-quality photos and graphics. They’ll also communicate a subtle message to audiences that you care about quality.

7.Keep your brand in mind: If your company or organization has established brand standards, adhere to them closely when creating. It’s likely you can achieve all the objectives noted above while further strengthening your branding.

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