Branding a Site - Benefiting from the principles of signage value engineering


Branding a Site - Benefiting from the principles of signage value engineering

If you are seeking to brand or rebrand a location—whether a retail store, restaurant, office, mall or otherwise—it may pay to adhere to the principles of signage value engineering. It’s the practice of identifying, from both a business and a technical perspective, the optimum approach to transitioning signage from an old brand identity to a new one.

Maximizing brand impact while minimizing costs are the ultimate goals of signage value engineering. But, as for the latter objective, initial expenses should not be your sole focus.

While it’s true that design, fabrication and installation are usually the costliest components of signage, the practice also considers ongoing maintenance and operational requirements. Expenses relating to electrical usage, light bulb or component replacement, cleaning and more should be taken into account when formulating a new signage strategy in support of a branding initiative.

For example, the impact and visibility of an electronic message center as well as the immediacy of its promotional communications must be weighed against its ongoing programming needs and electrical usage as well as its purchase price.

Two key takeaways:

If applying signage value engineering to your operation, remember that an ideal strategy:

  • Maximizes brand impact and supports your corporate branding objectives by attaining consistent, elevated brand expression across all signage applications.
  • Minimizes the total expenses associated with your signage over an extended period—including maintenance outlays—rather than focusing only on design, production and installation costs. 

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