Improve customer and employee retention with custom signs of appreciation!


Improve customer and employee retention with custom signs of appreciation!

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As your business grows and you look for more ways to promote your brand, consider strategies for increasing customer retention. Whether you’re just getting started or have already created a strong brand with a great following, employee appreciation and customer appreciation events, when planned well, can add lots of value to your business. Motivate your customers to continue to support your brand and inspire your employees with these easy appreciation event ideas.

Give Back to Your Customers

There’s more to appreciating customers than offering great deals on premium products. Take the time to tell your customers you care. In an Small Business Administration survey, 68 percent of customers who left a company felt the company didn’t care about them.

Customer appreciation initiatives can help your company grow. Studies show simple things like showing a little gratitude, can affect up to 40 percent of a person’s happiness. Whether it’s a simple email or a throwing a full customer appreciation event, taking care of your customers will always give your business a great competitive advantage.

If your company relies on loyal or repeat customers, you probably already know how easy it is to retain customers instead of gain new ones. Not only are loyal customers easier to retain, they tend to spend more as your business grows and adds new products.

Improve Employee Productivity Through Appreciation

Winning over the best employees and encouraging them to continue to work hard for your business is paramount for effective growth. Effective employees need to feel recognized, appreciated and effective in order to continue to promote your brand and give you their best work.

Don’t wait for a particular milestone or company anniversary before you choose to celebrate your employees. It’s always a great time to recognize your employees. Here are just a few ways appreciated employees can add more value to your business and company culture:

  • Positive interactions: Employees who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to be friendlier in the office. In every industry, your employees will have a certain degree of interaction. Even if your employees are all remote and only communicate via email, you’ll still enjoy more timely and positive communication.
  • Two-way street: Gratitude is often a two-way street. Taking the time to show your employees how much you value them can also lead to them appreciating you. Of course, disingenuous praise won’t be reciprocated, but it’s up to you, as a leader, to take the first step to creating a stronger, more positive company culture.
  • Higher retention rates: Individuals who feel valued are far more likely to stick around. Improve your retention rates with a few well-placed appreciation events and gifts.

Throw the Perfect Appreciation Event

Once you start planning appreciation events, you’ll find there are many different groups who could benefit from a special event. Here are a few important groups that you should consider when creating an event:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Entire company
  • Members
  • Donors

Member appreciation or a donor appreciation event can be invaluable to retaining these VIP clients. While you will usually receive a higher turn-out and more effect from individualized appreciation events, you can also throw a company-wide event for customers, employees and funders. Whether you’re looking for a general, wide-scale event or something smaller and more intimate, you’ll want to plan it carefully. There’s nothing like a member appreciation event, or even yearly company appreciation events, to help promote positive company culture.

Planning the Big Day

Planning a major event can be incredibly stressful and time consuming, or it can be an exciting break from the stress of everyday work. The right investment can have significant returns, but over planning and overspending can cause more headaches than benefits. Consider these steps to effective event planning in order to appreciate your employees and customers while still being efficient with your time and money:

  1. Set a date: Plan a day well in advance. Keep your employees’ and customers’ schedules in mind.
  2. Make a budget: Affordable solutions can be just as effective as high-cost gatherings and event planners. Consider different ways to raise money, like asking donors for an investment on a company-building event.
  3. Find a location: Keep the number of possible guests in mind, as well as the activities. Find a location that allows you to decorate with your customized banners and signs.
  4. Don’t forget activities: Everyone loves eating at a party, but a few tables and some appetizers won’t make a very exciting appreciation event. Consider entertainment, guest speakers or prizes and promotions in order to bring a festive environment to the day.

Bring Everyone Together With Professional Signage

It can seem difficult to create a festive atmosphere at an appreciation event. However, a few well-placed signs are key to creating the atmosphere of appreciation you need kick it off right. Here are a few places to consider investing in custom-made, professional signage:

Any or all of these can help you not only spread the word for your event, but help customers, employees and donors feel welcomed and appreciated during the big day. Whether you use your traditional company branding to help encourage company unity, or create a new, unique branding theme for the special event, specialized signs can help create a memorable and exciting atmosphere.

Spread gratitude and discover the power of appreciation to grow your business and increase employee retention. Rely on the experts at Signs By Tomorrow® ?.

Choose a signage company that understands appreciation. At Signs By Tomorrow , one of our core values is to put clients first. We are dedicated to spreading respect and recognition, and our custom-made signage reflects those values. From outdoor banners to indoor window decals and more, find affordable prices on an incredibly diverse range of graphics and signs. Contact us today to discover how we can help you plan for your next big customer or employee appreciation event.


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