Can a Retail Signage Makeover Boost your Bottom Line?


Can a Retail Signage Makeover Boost your Bottom Line?

Most owners of new businesses know the importance of retail signs to their store’s initial success. Indeed, on-premise sign installations can account for nearly 50 percent of new customers at businesses less than one year old.

The same storeowners might assume the power of retail signs to pull in new customers would diminish over time. Studies, however, show otherwise…

Research indicates that on any given day, more than one-third of the drivers and pedestrians passing your business have never seen it before––and could become first-time customers because of your signage designs.

A different study––this one commissioned by a major provider of delivery and office services through a global research firm––came to the same conclusion. Per this survey, 76 percent of shoppers have chosen to visit a store they had never been to based purely on its signage designs. 

In the research, a similar percentage of respondents said they had recommended a store or a brand to others based entirely on a sign design they saw for it. 

Want more proof of the power of sign installations, including sale signs? The study shows that 68 percent of customers admit to purchasing products or services after a retail sign captured their attention!

If such research, as well as your own experience, inspire you to replace your aging retail signage or augment your new visuals with added signage designs, be aware of the importance of quality in your presentation. 

Per the delivery firm’s study, nearly 70 percent of shoppers think business signage reflects the quality of a company’s products and services. In other words, an amateurish sign design, word misspellings or inoperative lighting can make a bad impression that negatively impacts your business’ bottom line. 

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