Trade Show Display Considerations for 2017


Trade Show Display Considerations for 2017

When considering your trade show display strategy for the new year, begin with the end in mind. What is your purpose for exhibiting? What are your desired outcomes? What do you want visitors to do once they drop by your display? These goals should be the underlying reason behind every decision you make regarding your display. Here are some key design considerations to making the most of your event marketing opportunity for 2017.

Zig when others zag

In a sea of booths within a crowded exhibition hall, you have mere seconds to stand out from the rest of the pack. And that means design is critical! So don’t let ease of setup and takedown drive your decision, as many do. Instead, strive to find a display that differentiates you from the rest.

Stand out, don’t blend in

Once you’ve chosen a distinctive display, it’s critical that its design helps your company or organization “pop” out from the sea of booths. Ask yourself how noticeable your design is compared to the others. Can your logo be seen from afar? Is your value proposition easily readable? Also, will any key images or text become hidden when attendees stand in front of the booth? The answers to questions such as these should help guide your design. Tip: It’s a good idea to take a leisurely walk around the venue at the next trade show you attend, paying close attention to both the display systems and the designs of your competitors’ booths. Take some photos for later review when you plan your booth with an eye on making it stand out.

Communicate quickly

Creating a powerful visual impact is important to capture the attention of attendees, but you also need a clear and simple message to lure them in. This becomes a special challenge for exhibitors that offer a wide range of products or services, or who serve various industries. Tip: If you have a website, consider using the home page text or similar on your display. Given the size limitations of your site, it’s likely you already have a succinct and clear message that may be applicable to your booth’s signage. Another tip: If you sell a wide variety of products or serve a diverse range of client types, a generic “corporate” booth may not be ideal. Explore systems that let you to swap panels with tailored messaging, or think about the benefits of having separate displays altogether.

Keep it simple

Remember that your booth is intended to be a backdrop, not a brochure! With it, you are not obligated to tell the whole story but rather tee up the key benefits or features, draw in prospects… and let your boot

h staff take it from there. If you overload the design with tons of text or images, it’s likely to underwhelm! A crowded design will only serve to minimize the impact of your key messaging.

Forget the table

One longstanding trade show practice that should be reconsidered is the 6' to 8' table that’s often placed in front of the booth and usually draped with a branded tablecloth. While it may be marginally useful, it’s likely serving as an uninviting a barrier between your staff and visitors. Tip: If you must have flat surfaces to hold brochures or giveaways, consider instead small stands off to the sides.

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