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Update messages easily and economically with track letters and changeable letter signs

Changeable letter signs and interchangeable track letters from Signs By Tomorrow® Boise are a great solution for schools, churches, stores, civic centers, motels and others that need to post new messages often.

Constructed of weather-resistant metal cabinet fronted by a translucent, polycarbonate panel that’s backlighted by fluorescent bulbs or LEDs, changeable letter signs are often incorporated into monument signspost-and-panel signs or pylon signs. Many sign cabinets attach directly to buildings. Other changeable letter signs are portable while some mount on wheeled trailers as mobile signage solutions.

The polycarbonate panels feature tracks on which you’ll mount individual letters and numerals to spell out “Blood Drive Today 10-4,” “Storewide Sale,” “Book Sale this Saturday” or other messages.

Most changeable letter signs feature lockable covers to keep your track lettering secure from theft or mischief. Of course, backlighting attracts attention and improves the readability of your messages at dawn, dusk, during the night and on overcast days.

Available in a variety of type fonts, sizes, colors, letter packages are offered separately from changeable letter signs. Sets typically include letters, numerals and punctuation along with plenty of extras to replace those that inevitably go missing over time.

Select from all popular types of track letters

At Signs By Tomorrow Boise, we’ll work with you to determine the best style of changeable letters for your signage selection and budget. Your choices include:

  • Flat letters: Styles include those from the well-known Zip-Change® brand of ridge marquee sign and reader board lettering.
  • Flexible letters: You’ll bend each before positioning them in a system known as “Texas tracking.”
  • Three-dimensional letters: 3D letters are slotted for mounting on tracks.

Questions & Answers

How does track lettering compare to LED signage?

Think of changeable letter signs and interchangeable track letters from Signs By Tomorrow Boise as the low-tech, lower-cost solution. They allow you to update messages, but you’ll do it by hand — sometimes with the need for a ladder and no matter the weather conditions!

In contrast, LED (light-emitting diode) signs are the high-tech, higher-price option. With these dynamic, digital message boards, you can program multiple messages remotely from a wireless remote keyboard, smartphone or your computer. Your custom messages — including simple graphics and featuring different colors — can scroll across the signboard for greater visual appeal, including motion.

Do changeable letter signs go by other names?

Changeable letter signs are commonly called reader boards. They're also termed marquee letter signs after the type of signs made popular at theaters featuring new movies weekly. Use any of these terms at Signs By Tomorrow Boise; we’ll quickly determine what you need and recommend a good solution or two!

See inspiring examples of our changeable letter signs

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, contact us or drop in today. 


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What our customers say

Smooth, simple process working with Signs by Tomorrow. I am impressed with the quality the retractable banner I purchased for marketing events. They even gave me a tutorial on set up and care of the sign. I would absolutely recommend SBT to anyone in the market for signs and graphics!

Holly T., Click Funnels, January 2020.

Very easy to work with

Rich S., Stoeger, Rich, January 2020.

Beautiful, clean work

Anthony F., Fernandez, Anthony, January 2020.

Professional and fast service.

Becky P., Western Idaho Chapter EGA, January 2020.

from placing my order when I stated that I was on a tight budget the lady work with me within my budget to order what I wanted to when I picked up my item the girl wrapped it for me so I could get it home without my husband seeing it your service was phenomenal thank you

Blinda H., Hritz, Blinda, January 2020.

Great communication by email and phone. Sets correct and reasonable expectations.

Todd M., Apex Home Services, January 2020.