Floor Graphics: Use All Your Environment to Your Advantage!


Floor Graphics: Use All Your Environment to Your Advantage!

Capable of adhering to most indoor and outdoor surfaces including asphalt, carpet, cement, tile, and wood, fewer and more marketers are discovering the branding, informational and promotional opportunities of floor graphics!

Popular not only in stores and malls but also in arenas, civic buildings, factories, hospitals, offices, schools and warehouses, some of the most common uses of these floor decals and vinyl graphics include:

  • Advertising: Used in retail settings, these custom graphics alert shoppers to fresh inventory and specials, announce grand openings and promote sales. Retailers also employ floor signs to publicize the launch of new products, provide directions toward specific shops, or underscore holiday themes.
  • Alerts: Many work areas require entrants to wear hard hats, safety glasses, and other protective clothing. Vinyl graphics and floor decals are ideal in marking these areas. They also alert people to high-traffic zones, such as forklift crossings, or note areas with hazardous materials.
  • Parking: Indoor parking spaces often use floor decals to guide vehicles to and from the parking spaces and visitors to elevators, stairwells, and exits. They also mark one-way routes and directions for vehicles to use. In these applications, custom graphics are often a low-cost alternative to erected signboards.
  • Restrictions: In construction zones, hospitals and other facilities, there are many areas that are off-limits to certain workers. Floor decals are an easy and economical way to mark these zones. Spaces with large floors and few walls such as factories and garages where wall signage is impractical are also prime places for informational floor graphics.
  • Spirit: Often an economical alternative to custom paint, vinyl graphics of school mascots are gracing the floors of school gyms, lobbies and hallways to enhance team spirit!
  • Wayfinding: Many building administrators use floor stickers to identify locations and mark directions as part of their wayfinding strategies. Routes to emergency exits, for example, are often provided by floor graphics.

One other “big idea” concerning floor graphics? Themed flooring! If holding an exhibition, for example, you can cover an entire floor with your logos or product label, or go wall to wall with a graphic theme such as clouds, a sandy beach, a football gridiron or the ocean. Creative applications for today’s custom floor graphics are limited only by your imagination!

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