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A Company – and Showroom – Is Born

Starting a new business is an involved process, as the team at West Shore Window and Door knows well. From planning to implementation, there are thousands of decisions to be made… including how to develop a compelling and cohesive look for the company.

american wall graphicWhen West Shore Window and Door in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, initiated the development of their design and marketing needs, they were working with a vendor that was not meeting their expectations and requirements. But when a representative from Signs By Tomorrow (SBT) of York, Pennsylvania reached out with a new approach, a business relationship was born. “Our attentiveness won them over,” says SBT York owner Rob Kaun. “We were there when they needed us and responded quickly to all of their needs.” Thanks to old-fashioned customer service and an innovative approach to design, SBT had the job.

Matt Henderson, marketing director for West Shore Window and Door, says that after a great first impression, SBT kept it up. “We really wanted a one-stop shop for all our signage needs,” explains Matt. “Before we were scattered, using several different vendors. We wanted someone we could establish a relationship with and continue to use.” And they certainly did.

A Blank Slate 

acrylic displaysWhen SBT came on board, there was a lot to do in a short amount of time. West Shore Window and Door had purchased an old Wal-Mart space to use as a showroom for their design center. Says Matt, “When we got the design center, it was a bare room, dull, plain white walls. We had no idea what to do.”

Originally, West Shore Window and Door wanted interior graphics for the showroom and planned to opt for plain mounted prints in metal frames. But the SBT team knew that the space held so much more potential. “SBT came up with quarter-inch Plexiglas mounts for more of a ‘wow’ factor in the showroom,” says Rob.

“We are extremely happy with how the design turned out.”

-Matt Henderson, Marketing Director, West Shore Window and Door 

According to Matt, “Ed from the York SBT center met us in the space and brought some different ideas and examples and came up with the acrylic standoffs. He explained to us how they would look. If he hadn’t come out that day with us, I don’t think we would have gone with the standoffs, but we are extremely happy with how the design turned out.”

Getting Down to Details

The acrylic standoffs were just the beginning. Hanging signage, a pop-up (and moveable!) trade show display, decals, vehicle wraps…SBT had a hand in every aspect of the establishment of the West Shore Window and Door brand.

“[West Shore Window and Door] provided SBT with elements and photos of what they were looking for in terms of graphics, and SBT did all the designing and put together all of the images and their graphic needs,” says Rob. 

wall graphicFrom design to installation, SBT took care of the West Shore Window and Door showroom—in just two weeks.

An essential piece of the showroom—and a concern for West Shore Window and Door—was the design of the in-store displays. “We wanted to set up a design center for our customers that showcased our custom designs,” says Matt. “Basically a menu, for lack of a better word, of all the options they could pick and choose from. SBT nailed it! The show room captures all of the options our customers can choose from.”

The result is a fresh look, with bright, modern-looking blues and greens gently curving against a white background. The design, which is reflected in all facets of the West Shore Window and Door brand, is powerful without being overwhelming, allowing what is most important to shine—the product.

The Most for the Money 

One of the most critical elements for clients is how their design investment is going to pay off. Fortunately for new business West Shore Window and Door, it’s paying off in a big way. 

“We just heard that [West Shore Window and Door] has gotten two jobs because their clients saw the vehicle wraps.”

-Rob Kaun, Owner of Signs By Tomorrow York

“[West Shore Window and Door] had purchased two new vehicles, and they were thinking of vehicle wraps,” explains Rob. “SBT presented them with two different designs—a more simple design and a wow design, which they chose. SBT broke down the cost for the client and their return on investment. Basically, [the wrap] is a standout piece, and instead of paying for yearly ads in a magazine or phone book, this one-time investment will last five years. We just heard that [West Shore Window and Door] has gotten two jobs because their clients saw the vehicle wraps, and that is why they are using them. It pays for itself in those two jobs.”

And with a satisfied client successfully up and running, the SBT York team couldn’t be happier. “We take pride in helping a local new business get started doing what they love,” says Rob. “We enjoy helping them find the wow factor and being successful in their trade.”