Inform guests, staff and clients with building and campus directories

When shoppers, clients or guests arrive at a multi-tenant facility such as a mall, office building, condo complex or school, a directory is often the first thing they’ll look for. Positioned at entranceways, near elevators and other key waypoints, your building signs help people locate the retailers, companies, professionals or residents they seek to visit.

Indoor and outdoor directories of the type offered by Signs By Tomorrow Duluth are important for several reasons. They are among the first signs your visitors will see, so they’ll help you make a good initial impression. They also can leave a lasting impact.

When part of a well-executed wayfinding signage strategy, building directories help people find their way throughout a facility. People are pleased when they can reach their location with minimal time and effort. On the other hand, they become frustrated if building directories and other directional signage fail to point the way. Dissatisfaction results when shoppers or other visitors get lost or require undue time in searching for a desired destination.

Available in many sizes, shapes and styles — including illuminated options — our directory signs for office buildings and other structures are easily customizable with your logo and colors to support your branding. Attractive, affordable and weather resistant, our custom outdoor directories can also complement the architecture and décor of your facility.

Choose from a variety of building directories including digital signage

A great selection of indoor directories at Signs By Tomorrow ensures you’ll find one that meets your needs, adheres to your signage budget… and complements your décor. Building directories are hard-working signage solutions, to be sure, but they can also enhance the beauty of your interior spaces:

  • ADA-compliant building directories with braille, tactile graphics, pictograms and symbols
  • Campus maps
  • Digital directories
  • Directory name strips
  • Electronic directories
  • Floor directories
  • Framed directories in aluminum, brass, hardwood or stainless steel
  • Freestanding indoor directories
  • Illuminated directories with fluorescent or LED lighting
  • Interactive directories
  • Kiosk lobby directories
  • Non-illuminated building directories
  • Pedestal-mounted directories
  • Rear-illuminated building directories
  • Recessed directories
  • Surface-mounted directories
  • Wall-mounted indoor directories

Update your building directories in any of three ways

Because rosters of tenants or individuals are everchanging, easy updating for your building directory is a must. Depending on the type of directory you’ll select from Signs By Tomorrow, changing names, numbers and other information can be accomplished in any of three ways:

  • Changeable nameplates: Laser-engraved in plastic or metal with the tenant’s information and often assessed via a lockable clear front panel, name strips or nameplates slide into and out of your directory. New ones can be engraved as needed to match the style of your current listings.
  • Changeable paper inserts: Like their metal or plastic counterparts, paper inserts also slide in and out of your directory via a glass or clear acrylic front panel. One advantage? They often can be printed at your facility instead of required custom engraving.
  • Dynamic, digital listings: Entries can be easily updated at any time and from any location with software on your desktop, laptop or tablet or an app on your smartphone. A simple onscreen spreadsheet organizes your listings. 

Enjoy the many benefits of our directories

Your reliable source for signage solutions, Signs By Tomorrow offers outdoor office directory signs and outdoor directory cabinets that are:

  • Customizable: Add your logo, business name and address. Post your business hours. Feature a map to facilitate easier wayfinding. Or, include a promotional message on your outdoor advertising directory. Exterior building directories are a hard-working signage solution! 
  • Secure: Weather resistant, rugged and in most instances lockable, our outdoor business directory signs are built to withstand not only the weather but also unauthorized tampering!
  • Updateable: We realize that building tenants move frequently. In recognition of this, all of our outdoor business directory signs are designed for easy updating.
  • Versatile: Mount your outdoor directory cabinet on a building front or recess it into the wall. Alternately, choose from a pedestal-mount outdoor office directory or a freestanding outdoor directory, among other types.

Count on us for all types of outdoor directories

Signs By Tomorrow has a wide selection of exterior directory signs for offices and other buildings. You’ll find an attractive and affordable outdoor directory sign for every application and signage budget:

  • Illuminated outdoor directories: For greater visibility and readability in the dark or on cloudy days, many of our outdoor lighting directories are illuminated from within. External spotlights are another option.
  • Outdoor directories with interchangeable inserts: With handsome frames constructed to withstand the outside elements and attractive, four-color inserts that are readily updated, these outdoor building directory signs are a popular choice.
  • Outdoor directory letter boards: An affordable, time-tested solution you often see at schools or places of worship, our enclosed outdoor directory cabinets let you update listings with individual letters.
  • Post-and-panel outdoor directory signs: A highly visible and versatile outdoor directory signage option, these solutions often serve as wayfinding or directional signage.

Consider the many uses for our outdoor directory signs

Outdoor advertising directories from Signs By Tomorrow are popular solutions for many businesses and organizations:

  • Apartment and condominium outdoor directories: Many users  mount outdoor building directory signs on walls near the main entranceway. These signs let visitors know the name, unit number and floor of residents.  
  • Hospital outdoor directory signs: These exterior signage solutions guide patients and guests to the right building, wing, department or floor. Outdoor building directory signs are often a “must-have” because most people visit hospitals infrequently and need wayfinding assistance. Of course, other medical facilities rely on these signs because they have large campuses with multiple buildings.
  • Medical building outdoor directory signs: Like most hospitals, many medical buildings welcome an especially large number of visitors. They’ll appreciate the guidance your lighted outdoor directory sign or other outdoor building directory sign offers.
  • Municipal buildings outdoor directory signs: Many cities keep all of their administrative services in one building. Outdoor business directory signs help residents find the office or department they need.
  • Nature park outdoor directory signs: Usually featuring large maps, these signs direct visitors to trails, lakes, offices, restrooms, parking and more.
  • Office building outdoor directional signs: Use our outdoor building directory signs to direct your visitors to the right building, floor and suites.
  • Schools outdoor directory signage: Can students, parents and visitors find the administration office, classrooms, auditorium or athletic fields? If not, consider adding outdoor directories to help them maneuver their way through your campus.
  • Shopping center outdoor directory signs: These are often sited at the entrance of malls with multiple entranceways. With lighted outdoor directories or other types, shoppers can easily find retailers, restaurants, parking areas and more!

See our signage pros when you’re ready to proceed

Drop into Signs By Tomorrow with your questions or ideas on outdoor advertising directories. Look for us to:

  • Assess your site and take measurements
  • Review all your outdoor directory sign options
  • Custom design your exterior building directory solutions
  • Advise you on optimum signage placement
  • Mount or install your outdoor office directories
  • Suggest display enhancements like lighting
  • Assist with outdoor directory sign updates including printed inserts

Questions & Answers

What are the opportunities with digital and interactive building directories?

Bright, easily updatable and capable of displaying a lot of information, digital lobby directories are becoming increasingly popular. Offered in wall-mounted, kiosk, pedestal and freestanding styles, they allow you to display videos, weather conditions, news or sport feeds, stock prices and more on your digital directories.

You can enhance your branding with a corporate message. Guests will appreciate the entertainment or informational value of such displays if they’re required to wait in your lobby. Others will value a weather update if passing through your lobby before venturing outside after their visit!

What’s the appeal of interactive lobby directories?

Touch-screen interfaces increase functionality and enhance navigation. For example, visitors can sort through your directory alphabetically or numerically to find the right listing.

With advanced interactive functionality, guests can: select a name to view more information; add key facts on your tenants; or, post photos and biographical information for individuals. This data helps people confirm the identity of those who they may be looking for before proceeding.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Duluth professional, call us at 770-495-8882 or email us.

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