Custom Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Work Around Town and Around the Clock

Along with goods and services, why not let your company vehicles deliver your promotional messages with custom vehicle wraps?

Also called car wraps, truck wraps or fleet graphics, vehicle wraps from Signs By Tomorrow are thin sheets of custom-designed vinyl printed with your images, logo and messages. It’s a fun, attention-getting way to turn deliveries and service calls into cost-effective marketing opportunities in your area. In addition, a consistent look across your brand is an assurance of professionalism.

Depending on your vehicles, you can cover a portion of them with a partial wrap or all painted surfaces with a full wrap. You can even extend your design to the side and rear windows with custom-printed perforated graphics that carry an even bolder message. They'll display your ad message to motorists and pedestrians, but let your driver see outward with an unimpeded view! Even when parked at your location, between service runs or after hours, vinyl wraps serve as rolling billboards that tell everyone about your business and what it stands for.

Our vehicle wrap strategy is similar to custom paint jobs, but are more economical and provide unlimited graphic detail and accuracy. Custom colors, distinctive lettering, unique graphics and special shapes are all possible. Our bright, vibrant shades are both weather- and UV-resistant. What’s more, our custom vehicle wraps can be removed easily after service…ideal for local promotions, special events and outfitting your leased vehicles that must be turned in spotless after a few years! Great for counting on your company’s brand to always shine through on newer vehicles as they cruise highways and streets.

Experience the many advantages of this mobile form of advertising

Eye-catching and cost-effective, vehicle wraps from Signs By Tomorrow are a great way to put your marketing in motion! Among their benefits, they are:

  • Creative: Plain vehicles are just plain boring! On the other hand, partial wraps and full wraps can be designed to your heart’s content. Custom colors, distinctive lettering, unique graphics and special shapes are all possible. Our bright, vibrant shades are both weather and UV resistant. It’s no wonder that so many marketers give our custom vehicle wraps and fleet graphics the green light! 
  • Easy-to-install: Full wraps, partial wraps and perforated window graphics can be installed relatively easily and quickly by our experienced pros. Of course, the same ease applies to wrap removals. As a result, you can expect less downtime for your work vehicles when selecting wraps in comparison to time- and labor-intensive custom paint jobs.
  • Cost-effective: According to the Transportation Advertising Council, vehicle wraps can garner up to 70,000 views daily — making their cost-per-impression dramatically less than traditional forms of advertising such as radio and television.
  • Flexible: Involved in a “fender-bender” in which only a portion of your car, truck or van is damaged? It may be possible to replace only the damaged portion of your vehicle wrap, thereby preserving much of your initial investment!
  • Local: For most businesses, their best customers tend to be the ones who work and live nearby. Unlike radio, newspaper or even newspaper advertising which covers a large area and reaches a great number of far-away prospects, car wraps appeal to a local audience. You’ll promote your business to those in your sales or service area! 
  • Protective: Vehicle wraps protect your car or truck’s surface as they deliver your advertising message. Vinyl vehicle wraps help shield paint from scratches and small dents. The plus? Once the wrap is removed when the car, van or trailer is taken out of service, it will look more like new and the resale value can be enhanced!
  • Reassuring: Some people worry when unidentified vehicles arrive at a location, and especially at a neighbor’s home. A vinyl-wrapped vehicle that proudly announces your business allays any such neighborly fears. When parked in a driveway, the wrapped vehicle also signals a business or homeowner’s endorsement of your products or services!
  • Scalable: Vinyl vehicle wraps can accommodate a wide variety of marketing budgets. Make a modest investment with a partial vehicle wrap. Go big with a vinyl graphic that stretches from bumper to bumper, and from roof to running boards. Or, make a more powerful promotional statement by extending your advertising graphics to your vehicle's side and rear windows! The driver can see out but people passing by will view your promotional message!
  • Versatile: Vehicle wraps are an effective advertising method for not only cars, trucks and vans but also boats, buses, food trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, personal watercraft, trailers and even airplanes. If it moves, we can wrap it! If it’s stationary, we can probably wrap it, too. Generators, steel storage sheds, garage doors and portable toilets are among items that have benefited from our promotional vinyl graphics!

vehicle truck

Check with our vehicle wrap pros before proceeding

Stop by Signs By Tomorrow with your car, truck, trailer or another vehicle to discuss the many ways we can enhance its promotional power! Our vehicle wrap experts will:

  • Custom design your vehicle wraps to your best advantage. Let your imagination — and our creativity — be your guide! Custom colors, letters, shapes, graphics and even photos can be easily incorporated into an eye-catching full vehicle wrap or partial car wrap. One fun idea? Gameday “tailgaters” are outfitting their motorhomes with vehicle wraps showcasing their favorite sports teams or university affiliations. Go State! 
  • Measure your car, pickup or bus for a vehicle wrap to perfectly fit your application. Can’t drop by our location easily in your 40-foot catamaran or twin-engine aircraft? No worries! We’ll come to you!

See examples of our many types of digitally printed vehicle wraps

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Duluth professional, call us at 770-495-8882 or email us.

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