File Prep

File Prep

Remember the old adage “Junk in and Junk Out”? Signs By Tomorrow’s design consultants will work with you to ensure your design files are the right sizes, formats and resolution with File Prep to create your perfect sign.

Signs By Tomorrow’s design consultants understand that technology has made file preparation slightly more complicated than it once was. Below are the requirements your art files must match in order to produce the sign that meets your vision. As always, our experts are more than happy to assist you in creating the files to meet our standards. If you need assistance creating your art files, please Click Here to contact your local Signs By Tomorrow.

Media Supported

Flash Drives
CD (Standard, R/RW)
DVD (Standard, R/RW +/-)
E-Mail / Web File Transfer – Please contact your individual store for login information.

Software Packages Supported (versions vary by location)

Adobe Illustrator – .ai, .eps, .pdf
Macromedia Freehand - .fh9
Adobe Photoshop – .psd
Adobe InDesign - indd
Quark Express 7.2– .qxd
Adobe Pagemaker – .pmX
Microsoft Publisher
Generic raster image files. ex. .bmp .tif .pcx .jpg .gif
Gerber Omega 2.0 - .plt
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint (not recommended; additional charges may apply)

Preparation Notes

Be sure to either include the fonts, or convert fonts to outlines. If your document contains fonts needed in the design (even the most common fonts), be sure they are included. Many versions of fonts exist, sometimes even with identical names. By including your own, or converting text to outlines, you can ensure accuracy on your sign. Also, include any linked images in the document. Please design your artwork to final size when possible, or include scaling information.

Notes On Raster Images

Any raster images inside designs should be 100-150 dpi at full size, for closely viewed prints and 75 – 100 dpi for prints viewed from a distance. Keep in mind that the print will only be as good as the original. Be aware that if you copy your logo or image from your web site, it probably doesn’t have enough information to reproduce it any larger than the size that it is on your screen, without noticeable image quality loss.

If possible, include a color copy of the design for our soft proofing. A color proof of the final output is available upon request for an additional charge.

Scanning Services

Scanning of photographic prints and other hard copy sources is available for a small fee.

Contact your local Signs By Tomorrow retailer for a FREE quote and learn how file prep can help save your sign design today!