Seven Types of Signage that Will Make Your Event Successful


Seven Types of Signage that Will Make Your Event Successful

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Event signs are probably last on your list of things to care of for your upcoming trade show or festival, but maybe they should be near the top. Sure, planning an event is no easy task. Decisions must be made down to the most infinitesimal details. Napkin rings, caterer placement, air conditioning temperature – the number of choices could conceivably stretch on for miles and miles on paper.

But signs are critical to any successful event, whether your business or organization is providing directions, stepping up its branding efforts, or getting an audience involved with interactive digital kiosks. Plus, if you want to convey a level of professionalism, signage is one of the first elements of an event that attendees will see.

Who’s going to buy a product or service from a company which has a handwritten cardboard sign demarcating the reception area? Not anyone who’d make a great customer, that’s who.

If that’s the case, what kinds of signs should I order?

Obviously, your signage necessities are going to depend on the type of event you’re putting on. Even so, you’d be surprised at how similar the needs of such events are. We’ve compiled a list of several types of signs that you’ll want at a bare minimum.

1. Banners

Banners should be the bread and butter of any event’s sign strategy. Among the many options you’ll have to choose from, including pull-up banner stands, vinyl banners, pop-up displays, outdoor pole banners, and feather banners, almost all of them can be utilized to improve your event’s operations.

Having a special guest or musical concert? Stage banners can be placed on either side of the stage to inform guests about whom they’re watching. They also make an impressive addition to pyrotechnic shows and large, electronic displays.

2. Event/Exhibition Displays

If you’re holding a trade show or expo, erecting a custom booth or display should be top priority. You’ll need a memorable design and stunning graphics to cut through the visual noise of passing pedestrians, competing exhibitions, and varied lighting.

Whether you intend to advertise your company, or simply provide an informational kiosk, booth displays are an ideal way for consumers to discover you. Just putting on an entertaining show? Patrons need food and drink! Set up a few booths and tents, and make an additional profit offering beverages and snacks.

3. Backdrops and Step & Repeat Banners

Okay, so maybe your event isn’t full of red-carpet starlets or millionaire rock stars. But guests and speakers still need to be photographed, so why not set up a promotional banner, rather than a plain, white backdrop?

Sponsored logos can be a lucrative venture for everyone involved. That’s why step and repeat banners are such a perfect way to nab some brand awareness. They simply duplicate a logo or design in a tile-like format across a sheet of vinyl or fabric. Step-and-repeat boards offer the same functionality, assuming you can’t find a rafter or pole to hang your banner from.

4. Entry Signage

We take some signs for granted. Entry signage can be overlooked in the decision-making process, especially since displays and banners are often so large and highly adaptable. But if you want to make a great first impression while facilitating the discovery of your event’s entrance, there’s no better way than bold entry signage.

While we recommend plastic signs for indoor applications, along with fabric banners for outdoor ones, digital signs are a great way to provide a directory for entering guests. LED sign boards can also captivate with scrolling images, video content, and social media updates. Take advantage of the sign’s internet connectivity to inspire event attendees to share photos, event updates, and more.

5. Directional and Wayfinding Signage

Wouldn’t want your guest to get lost, would you? We didn’t think you were that malicious.

Freestanding and suspended directional signs can make or break the navigation of your event. Let’s face it: floor layouts can be confusing and disorienting for newcomers to your event. And depending on how large your gathering is, you may have to provide some roadside signage as well, particularly if you’re closing off roads and sidewalks. It should go without saying that if your patrons don’t know where they are, or where they should be, they aren’t having a good time.

6. Floor Graphics

A message seen from the ground (an unexpected location), will have a greater effect than one seen in a traditional space. You can use floor graphics to direct attendees, of course; but they’re also an excellent method for identifying niche areas or branding the floorspace of a company’s assigned area.

7. Crowd Control Signs

Installing bouncers every step of the way at a stage or event can be intimidating and unnecessary. Instead, keep the masses in line with crowd control signs. Stanchions, ropes, barricades, and barriers sculpt pedestrian traffic and protect people from potential hazards. The last thing you’ll want on your hands is a lawsuit for negligence, after all.

For more professional tips and tricks event and meeting signs, you can rely on the experts at Signs By Tomorrow®.

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