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Improve the customer and employee experience with custom parking signs and street signs

Many businesses and organizations see parking and street signs not only as an obligation but also as an opportunity. With attractive and affordable solutions from Signs By Tomorrow®, you can:

  • Help ensure safety and good order: Owners and operators of parking lots bear the responsibility for making sure that the facility is properly marked and regularly maintained for safe operation. A well-planned system of parking signs and street signs can reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage among those who enter the lot and lessen the chance that an owner or operator might be held liable if an incident occurs.
  • Assist in wayfinding: Many customers or other visitors arrive by car. Instructing them where to park and how to get to your main entranceway quickly and efficiently will be key to their satisfaction with your business. On the other hand, a poorly marked entrance, parking lot or primary doors will result in confusion and frustration. 
  • Enhance branding: Companies and organizations are taking advantage of every opportunity to position their brand in front of clients and prospects, and parking lots are no exception! Almost all street signs and parking signs can be enhanced with logos, corporate colors and other company identification.

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Select from all popular types of parking lot signs and street signs

Signs By Tomorrow is your source for parking lot signs in standard, off-the-shelf styles or one-of-a-kind custom designs that can support your branding and unify your wayfinding:

  • Customer parking signs: Keep your parking lot free of patrons from other businesses by designating close-by spaces for your customers. They’ll appreciate your consideration for reserving the most convenient spots just for them, especially if your operation involves quick pick-ups or drop-offs. For many businesses, customer parking signs also remind employees not to occupy spaces that are better used by shoppers or clients. 
  • Directional parking signs: Where can visitors park? With arrows, directional parking signs point the way! Often displaying “parking ahead” messages, these signs are also useful if parking space is available in adjacent lots, on the side or behind your facility where drivers might not know of its location.
  • Entrance and exit signs: Simple signs that often display directional arrows, entrance and exit signs help ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic at your facility.
  • Fire lane signs: Many areas near buildings must remain clear of vehicles for ready access by fire trucks. Fire lane signs alert customers, visitors and delivery drivers to these places and restrict parking in them.
  • Handicapped parking signs: To become compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you must reserve parking spots for disabled visitors. Designed to Federal Highway Administration standards, ADA-compliant handicap parking signs indicate to drivers the location of these reserved parking spaces.
  • Parking lot property signs: These signs alert drivers to security measures or other policies. “No soliciting,” “Diagonal parking” and “Additional parking in rear” are examples of typical parking lot property signs.
  • Parking prohibited signs: Use these signs near building entrances, loading zones, trash dumpsters and other places that must be kept free of vehicles. Parking prohibited signs can enhance the convenience of other visitors, ensure the visibility of your entranceways and site signage, and improve the efficient operation of your facility.
  • Pedestrian crossing signs: Like speed limit signs, pedestrian crossing signs alert drivers of other visitors to your facility walking to and from entranceways and crossing parking lot driveways and entrance roads.
  • Speed limit signs: This signage is not limited to city streets. Motorists entering, exiting or driving through lots looking for open parking spaces can easily lose track of their speed and endanger other people and property. Posting speed limit signs serves to remind visitors they are no longer on streets or roads designed for higher speeds but in lots and on driveways where slower speeds must be observed.
  • Stop signs: Enhance safety and convenience at your location with well-positioned stop signs. Visitors will be alerted to intersections and less inclined to speed. When sited near loading zones and refuse pickup points, they’ll also give delivery and waste-hauling trucks an opportunity to enter and exit these special areas.
  • Street name signs: Select from standard styles or “brand” a facility, campus, apartment complex or housing subdivision with custom designs. A condominium development near the seashore, for example, might post street name signs with a nautical theme. Similarly, a business might use its corporate typeface and colors on the names of roadways on its grounds.


Choose from attractive and durable materials

While standard or custom-designed parking signs and street signs from Signs By Tomorrow can be made from a wide variety of material, most users prefer these options: 

  • Aluminum parking signs and street signs are sturdy, weather resistant and can easily be attached to walls.
  • Plastic parking signs and street signs are a weather-resistant and economical choice.


Questions & Answers

Are some parking lots considered private property?

Yes. While most parking lots are used for public purposes, they are considered privately owned when sited and built on private property. Places such as stores, restaurants, shopping centers, office complexes, condominiums, stadiums, arenas and more all have private parking lots.  

What are the signage standards for private parking lots?

Issued by the federal government, the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) sets design standards for traffic and parking signs. There’s some debate whether all rules apply to private roadways and parking lots. That said, it’s probably good practice to use MUTCD-compliant signage at your facility.

See attractive examples of our parking signs and street signs

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today



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