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The difference in types of signs comes down to the actual sign material used in the creation process. So what are the most popular sign materials? Where can each signage material be used? What is the durability of certain materials for signs? Each type of sign has certain features and benefits that make it well-suited for specific situations and purposes.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Sign Materials

It seems to be easiest to classify types of signs as indoor and outdoor sign materials. However, this does not mean customers cannot put an “outdoor” sign inside their restaurant.

You’ll also see plenty of “indoor” sign materials for use outdoors. This is mostly because they tend to be much more inexpensive, and they’ll hold up outdoors for an adequate amount of time. The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor signage is durability and how long you want the sign to last, as outdoor placement means more exposure to the sun and weather conditions.

Metal Signs

Metal signs offer excellent durability, functionality, professionalism and design flexibility. These types of signs also require low maintenance and are easily customizable for any type of branding, logos, text or graphics. The durability of metal makes this sign material especially popular for outdoor use since it stands up well against sunlight, wind, and other weather conditions.

Although aluminum is the most commonly used material for our metal signs, we can also fabricate your graphics, wording and design ideas in steel, bronze and stainless steel material.

Wooden Signs

Many retailers, restaurants, inns and recreation areas want signage that reflects an outdoorsy, natural character, and wooden signs are the best sign material for that aesthetic.

Wooden signs create a rustic, welcoming look that is often used for storefronts, hiking trails or outdoor entrances.

There are two types of wooden signs to choose from: carved or routed. Carved signs feature letters, logos and graphics that are carved by hand or mechanically. Your custom design is indented and sits below the surface of the signage material. Routed signs are the opposite. They are created by carving or routing away the background to make the design stand out. Both techniques create an eye-catching sign that creates a warm atmosphere for your business.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are made with durable plastic that’s available in a wide selection of colors, finishes and customized shapes, all at an affordable price. This type of sign has outstanding physical, mechanical, optical, chemical resistant, and thermal properties. It is often referred to as “plexiglass” and has a large variety of uses both indoors and outdoors. Acrylic signage is used extensively in architectural interiors, offices and high-end or sophisticated business needs. Its durability and versatility make it a very popular sign material for long-term use. You can also consider adding graphics, laser engraving or other branding elements that distinguish your sign from the rest.

Choose The Types of Signs That Work For You!

Not sure which type of sign material would work best for your next custom sign project? Discuss your needs with the experts at Signs By Tomorrow Gainesville GA and let us help you choose the right design, materials, and customizations for your business’ new signage. Contact us today to get started!

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