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The hospitality industry is full of marketing ideas, but sometimes lacks freshness and sophisticated appeal. That’s why hospitality clients including casino and gaming experts are teaming up with Signs By Tomorrow (SBT) to add custom signs on finishing touches to visual communications that are appealing, persuasive and convey a “fun” atmosphere.

Client Profile:  Major Casino in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

signs by tomorrow photo 1Signs By Tomorrow Ft. Lauderdale has completed a project for a prominent casino with a goal of establishing superior marketing that’s both lively and engaging. A collaborative effort with an event planning company, SBT’s signage graphic solutions and ideas evolved from research, insights and focus on what drives players to return again and again to the casino venue.

Playing off the casino’s theme and brand, SBT worked to develop an innovative marketing campaign that incorporates customer wants and desires into creative sign graphics and large-format displays. This marketing strategy of using consistent, strategic communication and implementing the campaign across all media helped ensure that the casino was a big success with both indoor and outdoor signage solutions.

“The casino client was extremely happy. I couldn’t be more pleased with the opportunity
to provide the incredibly successful visual communication solutions.”

Chuck Black, CEO/owner,
Signs By Tomorrow Ft. Lauderdale

Project Challenges:  Temporary Venue, Lack of Time

For this project, SBT was presented with an unusual task: developing sign graphics that would showcase the casino property’s amenities at a temporary site while construction was being completed on the permanent facility. The outdoor signage solution was an inflatable dome on the temporary site, built to withstand hurricane winds, offered a fun and exciting venue but also posed unique challenges.

Another interesting business challenge was timing: all delivery and installation had to take place during off-hours, which meant SBT staff worked from 3:00-6:00 a.m. to get the job done seamlessly without interruption to operations.

Visual Solutions:  Exciting, Fun, Large-Format Graphics

signs by tomorrow photo 2The final graphics and large format displays developed by SBT for the casino dome venue command attention while providing crucial venue information for the crowds of gaming enthusiasts.

Within the casino’s dome venue, promotional signage of a construction-centered theme with slot machines, poker and craps tables is visible. Entering the casino, you are greeted by a 3D hard hat and an assortment of hand tools, which are displayed on a truss. The passageway of the entrance reveals colorful reflectors on the walls as well as yellow and black construction tape from full wall coverings. A detour sign at the end of the passageway acts as a way-finding sign with an arrow pointing right that has a graphical illusion of blinking reflectors.

The End-Result:  Coverage From Ceiling to Floor

Working with the casino facility’s tile flooring, Signs By Tomorrow placed indoor floor signs by tomorrow photo 3graphics for a “cracked by hammer” look on the graphics. The temporary venue also featured detailed renderings of the new facility and professional blueprints, mounted on a custom sign on diamond plate aluminum that looks like steel.

Awnings and Way-Finding Signage

In the back of the venue, you can view the “food truck” called the Whistle Stop. Originally designed as a restaurant with an awning sign, the food truck concept allows the walls to look like corrugated steel with large-format graphics wrapping the walls, creating the appeal factor with custom signage.

SBT Ft. Lauderdale also installed hanging construction signs as way-finding signage to direct you from poker tables to the cashier cage. Finally, you can make your way to the casino’s “The Wrecking Bar” for drinks. Signs By Tomorrow has designed a 3D wrecking ball graphic to emphasize the theme and provide consistent marketing with indoor directional signs.

Full-Service Hospitality Industry Experts

Signs By Tomorrow takes pride in providing visual communications and custom signage that demand attention, appeal to customers and offer compelling messages. From expert installation of signage to custom display solutions, SBT looks to the future in innovative marketing campaigns for the hospitality industry with custom promotional signage.