Feather Flags in Irvine

Capture attention and add excitement with colorful feather flags for all occasions. 

Feather flags — also known as feather banners, banner flags, beachwings, or teardrop flags — are lightweight, portable and affordable attention-getters for your business or organization. These bright flag banners from Signs By Tomorrow Irvine wave in the wind to catch the eye and enhance the festive feel at grand openings, outdoor sales, sporting competitions and other special events.

When used as part of your advertising effort, feather banners help to grab the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike driving them directly to you. 

Should I use feather flags inside or outside? 

Though known primarily for their outdoor applications, feather flags are also a great option for indoor events where you want to stand out, such as industry expos, trade shows or career fairs. 

Feather banners from Signs By Tomorrow Irvine are constructed of rugged, tear-resistant nylon or polyester on which your custom graphics will be printed. These flags are then securely attached to aluminum or fiberglass poles of various heights. From there, you can choose your mounting options, which vary depending on whether you want to use your flag inside or outdoors. 

  • Ground stakes: Use these long metal spikes when displaying your flag outdoors. You’ll drive them into the ground before mounting your feather flag over the spike. These are considered the best choice for outside use because ground stakes provide excellent stability for your flag. 
  • Square metal bases: Flat, square and stable, our metal bases for flutter flags provide a great solution in both indoor settings and for outdoor use. If being used outside, we recommend adding a water bag or sandbag on top of the base to enhance stability. 
  • Cross stands: These foldable, portable four-legged bases are a more popular choice for indoor events given their ease of use and stability on flat floors. However, like square metal bases, they are safest when stabilized with water bags or sandbags. 

An extra cost-savings for you: flags are replaceable! If your promotional needs change, you can keep the pole and base you originally purchased and have the team at Signs By Tomorrow Irvine add a freshly-designed flag as often as you need. 

What are typical uses for feather flags? 

Feather flags are most often seen as an advertising solution outside of businesses, stores and restaurants to promote sales or services. You also frequently see many feather flags being used together in a row to dynamically convey a message!  

They’re also great for special events like grand openings, tent sales, or sporting events to help catch attention. Since they’re long-wearing and so easy to store away, flutter flags make for an excellent choice when promoting recurring seasonal events and sales. 

When you’re ready to start designing feather flags for your business or organization, contact the team at Signs By Tomorrow Irvine to set up a consultation. 

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Irvine professional, call us at 949-679-8969 or email us.

Providing Feather Flags to Irvine, California

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