Deck the Walls: What are the Benefits of Wall Graphics?


Deck the Walls: What are the Benefits of Wall Graphics?

With today’s advancements in affordable wall graphics, you can bid goodbye to bland and unimaginative stores, restaurants, offices, schools and other facilities! Custom wall graphics and wall murals enable you to boost your brand, inform your guests and workers or enhance your décor.

You can choose from several styles. Vinyl lettering helps you display a company name, inspirational quote or mission statement. Custom wall decals (i.e., wall stickers) are ideal for showcasing a logo or other graphics on a portion of a wall.

Go big or go home! Custom vinyl wall wraps and wall murals can stretch to all four corners of a wall if they’re digitally printed in vinyl. They also feature a laminate to protect the print and provide an attractive finish such as gloss, luster or matte.

One other option is digitally printed custom wallpaper that can brandish a scenic mural. Of course, custom wallpaper can also feature a one-of-a-kind pattern, color or texture not found in off-the-shelf wallpaper choices.

5 Benefits to Wall Graphics

1.Wall graphics create a memorable experience. Wisk them away to Paris in a French restaurant with a large mural of la Seine. Honor key contributors at a hospital with their photos. Commemorate a school victory with a photo of the team hoisting the championship trophy. Let your imagination inspire you!

2.Wall graphics reinforce your brand. Custom wall decals allow you to present logos, slogans, and key products. Create a “history wall” of original blueprints to emphasize your heritage. Or, personalize your walls with wall wraps or wallpaper in your corporate colors. Don’t let valuable square footage go unused!

3.Wall graphics can be removable or permanent. Custom vinyl lettering, removable wall decals, and vinyl wall wraps let you change your look often for new seasons or special events. Custom wallpaper is the choice for longer-term applications.

4.Wall graphics are durable. They’re also almost maintenance free. In busy areas, painted walls may need frequent cleaning to maintain a like-new appearance. In contrast, vinyl lettering, custom decals, and vinyl wall wraps are highly durable and require little upkeep.

5.Wall graphics are economical. With wall decals and vinyl wall wraps, you can produce true-to-life landscapes, photographs, and art at a fraction of the cost and time required for hand-painted designs or murals.

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