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Stay Compliant with OSHA Safety & Warning Signs

Businesses in any industry benefit when they adhere to OSHA regulations with safety and regulatory signage. Affordable safety signs offered by Signs By Tomorrow help your business meet all its safety requirements.

Properly displayed safety signs warn your workers and employees when to stay out of restricted areas, wear protective gear and take other safety precautions needed on specific job sites thus reducing injuries on the job. Signage also increases workplace efficiency and reduces confusion by clearly identifying chemicals and other hazards.

As a business owner or manager, you’re responsible for assuring the safety of your workers. Failing to do so by displaying insufficient safety signage can expose you to costly lawsuits by workers who are injured on the job. Companies face serious consequences and expensive fines when failing to comply with OSHA safety sign standards. Simply keeping your signage up to date and in compliance can benefit you and your business in the long run.

Which Safety Signs Do You Need?

You should always post or mount safety signage inside and outside wherever hazards are present. But how do you know which types of signage applies to each hazard?

  • Danger signs: This alerts workers to the most serious hazards. These signs warn that death or serious injury can result if the hazard is not avoided. On OSHA-compliant signs, the “Danger” signal word is printed in white letters over a red background. A safety alert symbol appears on the left.
  • Warning signs: These signs describe hazards that can result in death or serious injury if not avoided. The safety alert symbol appears to the left of the “Warning” signal word. It’s displayed in black over an orange background.
  • Caution signs: These safety signs caution workers against potential injuries from unsafe practices. The “Caution” signal word is shown in black over a yellow background. It’s preceded by the safety alert symbol.
  • Biological hazards signs: These alert workers to biohazards that can pose a risk to their health. They are classified by “Danger,” “Warning” or other signal words depending on the level of risk.

Signs By Tomorrow Newark is also your resource for other types of safety signage that keeps workers safe but does not alert them to specific hazards:

  • Admittance signs: Alert workers and explain to them the risks of entering restricted areas.
  • Fire safety signs: Identify the location of emergency firefighting equipment and exits.
  • Notice signs: Use notice signs to provide key information on buildings, zones or equipment. These signs cover practices and precautions that are not related to injuries. They address instructions, procedures, maintenance information and more.
  • General safety signs: Post or mount signs with rules relating to first aid or health. They also inform workers of medical equipment locations, sanitation rules, housekeeping practices and other recommended general safety measures.

Looking for Custom OSHA Safety and Warning Signs?

Our team offers custom signage solutions to fit your business needs and ensure that you stay compliant with OSHA regulations. Contact us today to get started!

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Newark professional, call us at 302-894-9330 or email us.

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