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Newport News, VA

Stand out with weather-resistant backlit signs for all sorts of exterior applications.

Outdoor lightboxes from Signs By Tomorrow® Newport News are weather-resistant cabinets that have a transparent panel in the front that displays your logo or promotional message. Your graphics are reproduced on translucent film and backlighted by fluorescent or LED illumination. When you flip the switch, your graphics come to life in brilliant, vivid color — making these electric signs perfect advertising and branding solutions for stores, restaurants, offices and more!

These illuminated signs are highly versatile. Outdoor lightboxes let you swing open the clear front panel to update your graphics without replacing the entire sign. Outdoor lightboxes were pioneered by movie theaters that needed to switch out film posters frequently and capture the attention of passersby. Now, many businesses are benefiting from these attractive and affordable signage solutions!

Use outdoor lightboxes as “stand-alone” signage solutions. Or, have us add them to your monument signs or pylon signs. Whatever your choice, you can rely on us for the custom designs you’ll display! We’ll print your logo, graphics or promotional message on translucent vinyl film for insertion into the lightbox.

At Signs By Tomorrow Newport News, select from off-the-shelf backlit signs in standard sizes. Or, choose custom light-up signs in sizes, colors and finishes that meet your specifications. Single-sided or double-sided outdoor lightboxes are available, including those with dimmer switches enabling controllable backlighting for your graphics.

Enjoy many advantages with our outdoor lightboxes

Outdoor lightboxes from Signs By Tomorrow Newport News help you capture customer attention by illuminating your brand and products within a backlit poster frame. Use them to:

  • Advertise anywhere, in all kinds of weather, day or night with fluorescent lighting or energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lighting
  • Attract more attention than non-lighted signs
  • Deliver excellent readability to viewers; your signage will deliver your promotional message even in dark and poorly lit locations
  • Swap out graphics frequently to keep your messages fresh or capitalize on new promotional opportunities

Benefit from quality construction and convenient features

Build to the highest standards, outdoor lightboxes from Signs By Tomorrow Newport News are designed with both convenience and durability in mind:

  • Tough, exterior-rated panels are designed to withstand the weather
  • Aluminum-frame construction and rubber weather-stripping keep the elements out
  • Swing-open frames allow for easy poster changes; for example, restaurants can make fast sign changes for different menus or specials
  • Locking frames prevent tampering and theft
  • Predrilled holes in the aluminum frame enable vertical (i.e., portrait) or horizontal (i.e., landscape) mounting
  • Standard electrical circuitry operates on common 120-volt electrical receptacles

Use our outdoor lightboxes in a variety of applications

With an outdoor lightbox from Signs By Tomorrow Newport News, your promotional graphic or advertising message is sure to gain attention! They’re often the signage choice of:

  • Arenas
  • Casinos
  • Cinemas
  • Coffee shops
  • Concert halls
  • Entertainment venues
  • Event halls
  • Galleries
  • Movie theaters
  • Performing arts centers
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Stadiums
  • Stores
  • Theatres

Choose from all types of outdoor lightboxes

At Signs By Tomorrow Newport News, you’ll enjoy an excellent selection of outdoor lightboxes. This variety helps to ensure there’s one to meet your application and match your signage budget:

  • Aluminum-frame lightboxes
  • Dimmable lightboxes
  • Double-sided lightboxes
  • Fluorescent lighting lightboxes
  • LED lightboxes
  • Single-sided lightboxes

Questions & Answers

How do outdoor lightboxes work?

Outdoor lightboxes feature a clear glass or acrylic front panel behind which you mount your promotional message or logo in a translucent vinyl film. A weather-resistant frame holds the panel and film in place and surrounds a backlighting source, which is usually fluorescent or LED (light emitting diode) illumination. Switch on the power and your graphic or advertising lights up!

Do outdoor lightboxes go by different names?

Yes, many terms are used in the signage industry for outdoor lightboxes. Other names include outdoor LED lightboxes, LED snap frames, LED light-up displays and backlit signs. Use any of these terms at Signs By Tomorrow Newport News. We’ll know in an instant what you’re talking about!

What type of poster material should be used for outdoor lightboxes?

Outdoor lightbox users should only display translucent materials in the poster holder. Most often this is translucent vinyl film. Rely on Signs By Tomorrow Newport News for custom designs and expert fabrications of your films at affordable prices.

How do you mount outdoor lightbox frames?

Light-up displays from Signs By Tomorrow Newport News come with holes predrilled into the back of the frame for wall mounting. Special screws and other hardware may be required, and a 120-volt electrical hookup is needed. Need expert assistance with mounting? We can provide that, too.

See inspiring examples of our many types of outdoor lightboxes

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today. For a more in-depth look at some options, use the links below. 

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow professional in the Newport News, VA area contact us.

What our customers say

Great service people and the sign was just what I was looking to get. Thanks.

Craig D. Dockings, December 2019.

This is a very reliable business. They are professional and makes the process very pleasant.

LaRonda W., Grifols Biomat USA, December 2019.

Thank you for much for the speedy and professional service. The sign for a short notice returning airmen was on the mark! The person was very excited to see her welcome home displayed on our garage door! You made my day with helping to make an airmen's return from her first deployment a day that she will remember for the rest of her life. You all are awesome! From one retired USAF member who knows I thank you and I will be in touch again if needed for other occasions.

Trenna H., Trenna Hooten, December 2019.

Wonderful, friendly service everytime!

Tina M., Habitat for Humanity, December 2019.

great work from these guys with a fast turn around.

Kevin M., Kinyo Va. Inc, December 2019.

The service provided was very good. When the vinyl letters we ordered were installed, there was one of the letters that apparently had some slight imperfections in it and we were told that they would provide a replacement letter and the installer would be back to remove the defective and replace it with the new vinyl letter. We have yet to see this new letter but believe it will be forth-coming.

Daniel Z., Continental Powertrain USA, LLC, December 2019.