Standing Out From Competitors: Part III 5 Tips for More Creative Signage


Standing Out From Competitors: Part III 5 Tips for More Creative Signage

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To get more customers to stop into your business, you need signage that stands out. The type of sign, its size and positioning will all play a factor in distinguishing your efforts from others, but so will a creative design.

The extra effort you extend to a distinctive look will likely be well worth it. Nearly 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs, according to a FedEx Office survey.

But where to begin? Here are five tips for more creative signage:

1. Consider The Colors

The colors you select for your design can work to your advantage. How? Remember that different colors evoke distinct feelings in people. For example, blue is considered to represent calm, serenity and trust. Red is viewed as actionable and powerful, while yellow is cheerful and green is healing. Given these guidelines, use color in your signage to affect the emotions of people and their perception of your business. A bank, for example, might choose blue signage while a retailer promoting a sale would be better off displaying their graphics red.

2. Imply An Element of Motion

An object that’s moving is more likely to catch a viewer’s interest. While a digital message board with a dynamic, changing message is one solution, a static (i.e., non-moving) sign that implies motion can be the next best thing. Bold diagonal lines are one, frequently used way to represent movement. Repeating certain design elements in your signage is another.

3. Maintain Design Simplicity

While complex or “busy” designs may attract attention, they’re not likely to make a lasting impression. When designing signs, it’s best to focus on simplicity. Reduce “clutter” by minimizing design elements. Select an easy-to-read typeface. And settle on a limited color palette. Simple designs make an immediate impact. They also leave viewers with an impression of your business or brand they’re more likely to remember!

4. Aim for Uniqueness

Your business is one-of-a-kind and so should the look of your signage! Resist the urge to settle on a stock design or a bland, middle-of-the-road approach. Instead, try something different. Experiment with text that's on an angle, uncommon colors or distinctive shading to deliver the unexpected. A simple sign design with just one or two unique elements can stand out from the crowd. Brainstorming signage ideas with your graphic designer is always time that’s well spent! 

5. Go With A Custom Shape

Because they’re usually the easiest to fabricate and mount, signs in rectangular, square and round shapes are the most popular. You see them almost everywhere! But if you want your signs to be distinctive, you’ll be better served by delivering what’s sometimes unexpected. Work with your sign maker or graphic designer to achieve a distinctive shape. Lighted sign cabinets are one example of a sign that’s commonly produced in a rectangular design. In truth, an almost unlimited variety of custom-shaped light boxes can be created!

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