Digital Signage Maintenance


Digital Signage Maintenance

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You’ve probably noticed businesses everywhere have increasingly been opting for digital signs to promote their products, services, and announce special events. The reason for this is because digital signage offers the benefit of increased flexibility as it can be programmed with rotating messages and images.

Digital displays typically use LCD, LED or projection technology. They come in a wide variety of sizes. You can find displays suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoors, you will typically use an LED display or an LCD protected by a special enclosure.

If you are thinking about getting a digital sign for your business or you already have one, it’s important to learn the essentials of proper digital sign maintenance. With the right sign maintenance routine, your displays can last for years and maintain the image quality you need.

Outdoor Signs

For outdoor digital signs, your signage specialist will look for high-quality construction and weather-proof materials. Reinforced corners and strong support structures will help ensure durability and protect your signs from the elements and fluctuating temperatures. To make sure the electrical components in the sign don’t overheat and degrade the image quality, the display will need to be sealed to protect wiring from the weather and yet provide good air circulation to avoid overheating or trapping moisture inside.

Indoor Signs

Indoors signs usually benefit from a temperature-controlled environment and are protected from the weather. However, if they are in a high traffic area, they may be exposed to other types of damage caused by people coming in contact with the sign. Maintenance workers may accidentally damage a sign while cleaning an adjacent area. It will be useful to train your staff properly so they can help you take care of the sign.

General Maintenance Tips

Keeping your digital sign looking good every day may be accomplished with simple cleaning routines such as regular wiping and dusting. For the attached media player or electrical components, it is recommended to use compressed air to get dust and debris out of ports and crevices.

Digital sign displays are usually covered with a facing, typically made from a durable polymer. As part of your normal cleaning routine, wipe the sign with a soft cloth, using a mild soap and water solution. After cleaning, rinse and dry with a clean cloth. If you need to remove a spot or stain, you can use a mild cleaner like Windex. Baking soda or vinegar can also help, especially with the removal of mineral deposits.

Other issues your digital sign may experience

If you notice your sign is not properly displaying your content, the problem can stem from various sources. Software issues can include network problems, insufficient memory, interruption of wireless updates and poor connectivity. Other problems can arise due to malfunctioning equipment. Sometimes, older equipment cannot adequately handle a new update.


A high-quality sign can last for up to eight years of continuous operations. With proper maintenance and regular downtime, it can last longer. Some types of screens can last up to 20 years. Typically, your media player and software will need updating long before you need to replace your display.

As digital technology continues to develop, you will want to update your software periodically. While you may not necessarily want a full-scale replacement or major update, regular software maintenance can help you stay current and keep your signage working well. Schedule a periodic review of your software systems to assess functioning and security; update as necessary.

If you encounter a problem that regular digital sign maintenance does not solve, you may need to call in professionals. Scheduling routine checks can help you avoid experiencing any major issues with your sign. 

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