How To Transform Interiors With Wall Graphics


How To Transform Interiors With Wall Graphics

If you are looking for an affordable and versatile way to change the look of any location, wall graphics may be the solution you are looking for. It is easy to create a consistent theme for branding purposes with graphics that feature corporate colors and design motifs. Lettering can also be used to emphasize the name of a business and its core values or mission. Here are several ways to transform a workspace with wall graphics.

Showcase Your Logo

Wall graphics are a simple and affordable way to display a company logo in multiple key locations in a building. Another way to include the logo is to use its design to inspire a branding scheme with similar visual elements such as colors or motifs to make custom branded graphics that can be incorporated throughout the whole location.

Add Decorative Accents

Business owners and designers should strive to add visual interest throughout an interior space. Wall graphics can be made in any color, design, shape or size. It is possible to accessorize or accentuate practically any surface with custom wall decals. These accents are fully customizable and cost-effective ways to liven up a plain surface and create a consistent design scheme.

Some accents can be helpful and informative as well as stylish. Wayfinding features such as directional indicators or room labels can be helpful for new employees and customers. Guiding signs may decrease interruptions and increase a visitors' comfort by helping them navigate the area. If a building is open to the public, certain signs must have components such as braille, pictograms, symbols or tactile graphics to be ADA-compliant. 

Entryway and lobby walls in important navigational areas such as elevator lobbies or escalator landings are ideal places to post directories or maps. The design of these informational displays should be consistent with the colors, materials and themes used in your logo. A personalized wall graphic placed in the right location can work as a directory.  

Tell Your Story

One of the most unique and effective ways to use graphic wall art is to tell a story. The combination of visual elements with a narrative of company or product history can transform the look of a space in a way that is meaningful to employees and customers. A wall graphic can showcase the background or values of a business in a format that unites graphical design with a spatial dimension.

The intended location of these designs within a structure may influence the story that you want to tell. In customer-facing areas, business owners or designers may want to give outside audiences a sense of the corporate culture, history and mission. Designs in employee-only areas are ideal places to try to motivate staff members to strive to meet or exceed the standards of an enterprise. Custom-printed wallpaper, vinyl wall wraps and decals can display photorealistic images and text or juxtapose these elements in a collage or mural.

An immersive design such as a company history or product development timeline displayed in a corridor or hallway can be both attractive and compelling. This approach can also be taken in other areas. Consider the story you want to tell and the amount of space that is available. Vinyl wall wraps are available in a wide range of sizes and reach from corner to corner and wall to ceiling. Decals and smaller plastic signs can also be used to display visual narratives across interior surfaces.

Make an Impression

Business owners and commercial designers can work together to determine the most effective ways to use custom wall graphics to make a striking impression. Owners and designers should plan to determine where graphic designs or lettering will be likely to make the best impression and contribute toward a coherent look.

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