Signs for before, during and after your next open house


Signs for before, during and after your next open house

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Open house events have always been important to the real estate industry. Whether you’re selling a new home, looking to fill vacant apartments or hoping for new tenants for commercial development, a well-attended event can bring plenty of attention to your properties.

These kinds of events are perhaps more important now than ever before, with a hot market like today's. Houses move fast, but if you want to get the best possible offer, you need the right person to be there to make it! With the right signs to draw in as many people as possible to your next open house, you may just spur a bidding war – with you coming out on top.

When planning your next open house, consider how you can use signs and graphics before, during and after the event to help close your next deal.

Before: Banners do a great job at catching attention from afar, so consider putting one up a week or so before your next open house to ensure that passers-by know when and where your event is happening. A large banner that says “Open House Saturday!” can grab the attention of motorists with a bold, easily-understood message that they’ll immediately commit to memory. Yard signs can also be strategically placed throughout your community to help garner attention and let folks know when and where your open house will be taking place.

During: Feather flags are a great option for catching attention and immediately drawing people in towards the location of your open house event. Place them by the roadside so that everyone knows an event is going on. You should also consider using A-frame signs to help direct pedestrian traffic towards a specific house or unit or use them to help people find a place to park during a busy event.

After: A good post and panel sign contains the information necessary for prospects to follow up with you or your agency after an open house – especially for people who may not have been able to make it to the event. You can include pertinent details about what’s for sale or rent, as well as important contact information so potential tenants can get in touch.

If you need extra guidance for planning signage around your properties or are looking to take the next step on graphics for your open house, contact the team at Signs By Tomorrow to get started.


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