Standing Out From Competitors: Part I 5 Signage Strategies For Success


Standing Out From Competitors: Part I 5 Signage Strategies For Success

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Very few companies occupy a market niche all their own. No matter what type of business you operate or customer you target, there’s likely to be a competitor nearby that’s vying for their attention … and their trade.

Your advertising, pricing, selection and service are but a few ways to distinguish yourself from others. Of course, so is your signage. In fact, about 67% of the consumers surveyed in a FedEx Office study said they had purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

Here are five strategies (i.e., plans) to make the most of your opportunity:

1. Amp Up Your Advertising

In the company of a signage pro who is familiar with all the options available to you, take a good look at your business to identify any opportunities you may be missing. A-frame signs, banners, door graphics, flutter flags and window graphics are among the attractive and affordable ways to catch the eye of more passersby and capture more sales when doing so!

2. Better Define Your Brand

Does your signage accurately reflect the identity of your business? Whether sited in front of your facility or mounted to its façade, signs are a “must-have” when communicating your operation’s branding to the outside world. Remember, consistency is key when building brand awareness. So, begin your effort on the outside and be sure to carry the theme inside and throughout your space. A cohesive look will help you drive home the branding you want your customers to remember.

3. Elevate Your Approach

When selecting signage for your business, consider what your competitors are doing and try to go them one better. For example, if they feature lighted channel letters, explore your options with bolder, brighter and more dynamic LED digital signs. Alternately, if they rely on flat signage, add an extra element of depth — and interest — with three-dimensional (3D) signs.

4. Reach A Wider Audience

Want to appeal to hundreds if not thousands of new prospects each day? Brand your vehicles with vinyl lettering, decals or, better yet, partial or full custom wraps. Your cars, trucks and trailers will deliver your advertising all over town while on sales, service or delivery calls. With vehicle graphics, you’ll reach a local audience who might not otherwise know of your business. A plus? When parked in front of your location in between runs, the wrapped vehicles serve as supplemental signage for your operation! 

5. Update Your Brand Image

When is the last time you updated your signage? Older styles present several problems. After a while, dated signs offer all the impact of wallpaper and will no longer get noticed by passersby! A sign with a design that’s old can also subtly communicate to customers that your company is behind the times.

If your old signage no longer accurately communicates your new identity, it’s time for an update!  

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You understand your audience and what message will resonate with them. Signs By Tomorrow can help you match your message to the state-of-the-art custom signs, digital printing, custom graphics, and display solutions that will best deliver it. We’ll then design and manufacture your new signage and graphics on time and on budget.

We invite you to explore our extensive range of indoor and outdoor sign solutions, custom vehicle wraps, custom trade show displays and booths, event signs, display technologies and many more sign options.

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