Taking Care of Window and Wall Graphics


Taking Care of Window and Wall Graphics

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Decals and graphics are a great way to enhance your interior and add to the appeal of your premises. Taking proper care of wall graphics and window decals will help keep their pristine appearance. Depending on what your graphics or decals are made of, some cleaning solutions may be ineffective or even damage them.

Depending on your needs, your wall graphics may include various materials and styles. For a larger installation that covers one or more walls, you may use custom-printed graphic wallpaper or full-wall vinyl wraps.

For wall decals and smaller vinyl wall graphics, you will need to consider the cleaning routine provided by your signage expert, to make sure you don’t cause any damage to the decal material or the surrounding wall.

Figuring Out Optimal Placement

The placement of your custom wall graphics can affect their longevity and appearance. You will be able to preserve color better if your wall decals don’t get a lot of direct sunlight. Temperatures that fluctuate greatly can affect the appearance and even cause the adhesive to deteriorate. If your wall decals are on interior walls, they are not directly exposed to the elements. However, it is smart to avoid placing them immediately near heating elements, HVAC vents or electrical equipment that generates heat.

Cleaning in Stages


We recommend cleaning your wall graphics in stages using the following procedure.

First, you will need to remove accumulated dust. A duster usually works well for this. You may need to go over the area several times if it is in a high-traffic area or closer to the ground.

Next, carefully wash the area with clean, soapy water. It is best to use a fairly mild solution: one part soap and 100 parts water generally works well. Dip a clean, soft cloth in the soap and wipe the wall. Use a horizontal motion and start at the top of the wall, working your way down to the bottom. This way, you will minimize streaking and avoid dirty water running down over areas you have already cleaned.

Finally, get another clean cloth, wet it and rinse the wall to get rid of the soap. You do not want to get the wall and the decals or coverings on it too wet, so do squeeze excess water from each cloth before you begin using it. As you work, make sure you wipe in the direction of the overlap seam, not against it. Otherwise, the seams can begin lifting and peeling.

For larger walls, you may use a squeegee instead. Keep in mind the same guidelines for avoiding excess soap and water and of using soft materials. Do be especially careful, as tools like squeegees can lift the seams or cause rips if handled too forcefully. If your decals include delicate materials such as gold leaf, avoid squeegee use in that area.

How often you perform your wall decal care routine depends on how fast it gets dirty. For best results, observe when the wall begins to accumulate dust and dirt, then establish a care schedule that gets rid of dirt before it piles up. Once a wall graphic becomes extremely dirty, it can be hard to clean it effectively without damaging it.

Caring for Your Window Graphics

Window graphics can provide an instant upgrade for your storefront. They can grab attention, brighten up the façade and deliver information. Keeping 

them in good shape is an essential part of maintaining your premises. Whether your window has a single decal or a complex arrangement, you need to know the right steps to keep your graphics looking bright and shiny.

Your best option is to hand wash the entire window. For the surface with the decals, use a soft cloth. Use a mild, glass-friendly cleaner such as soap or Windex, in a solution of water. When it is time to rinse, you can use a hose. However, be sure to keep the water pressure mild and not to bring the hose too close to the decals.

Some locations can make it likelier for walls and windows to get dirty. Chief among these are food service establishments and places frequented by small children, such as schools, daycares or community centers. Making sure you develop an ongoing cleaning routine,  will help guarantee your graphics always look their best.

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