What Can you do to Make your Construction Site Stand Out?


What Can you do to Make your Construction Site Stand Out?

Companies, government agencies, architects and building contractors all wonder, “What can I do to make my construction site standout?” With the right site signage, you can make your building site noticeable in two ways — through site identification signs and safety signage.

Building site signs: What to communicate

Site signage can inform motorists, pedestrians and others about the nature of your construction project. In doing so, you’ll satisfy their natural curiosity and may even promote your business interests. The building signs posted at your project, should communicate:

  • What are you building or renovating?
  • Is it the project for a private company, government agency or road commission?
  • Which architectural firm is responsible for the design?
  • What contractor or builder is taking the reins on the construction?
  • When is the expected completion date?
  • Will units in the project be available for purchase or lease upon completion if, for example, you’re constructing a retail mall, office building, apartment complex, condominium or residential subdivision?

Building site signs: Options to consider?

Construction signs for building sites are usually temporary. After all, most site identification signage is custom designed and used only once, but with some exceptions. Select from these options:

  • Banners in vinyl or nylon. Choices for these building signs include mesh styles that you can mount on poles, fences or building sides. The mesh allows wind to pass through the banner, thereby minimizing wear and tear.
  • Building wraps that are also made of mesh. Often visually stunning, you can print them with an attractive rendering of your completed project. It will also cover unsightly beams as construction proceeds. Another plus? Because these wraps encase the building, this site signage 
  • Construction post and panel signchoice can protect pedestrians from falling construction debris.
  • Post-and-panel signs that capture the eye of passersby and potential buyers or tenants. These are a popular choice for construction signs at many building sites.
  • Yard signs that identify smaller-scale projects such as those built by “Joe’s Construction Company.” These site signage solutions can easily be recycled from one job to another.

Site safety signs: 3 reasons to post them

The danger signs, caution signs, warning signs and safety signs you’ll post at your construction site make good sense for three reasons. With this site signage, you can:

  • Enhance the safety of your workers: At construction sites, safety is no small consideration. Building companies employ only about 5% of America’s workforce. However, construction workers suffer 10% of the country’s major injuries and over 20% of fatal injuries.
  • Adhere to OSHA and ANSI standards: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) set strict standards for construction signs. Substantial fines can result if your site signage is not in compliance.
  • Support your risk-reduction program: Per OSHA, risk-reduction strategies help contractors experience dramatic decreases in workplace injuries. They can often transform workplace cultures. The benefits? Higher productivity and quality for your firm, as well as reduced turnover, lower costs and greater employee satisfaction.

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