Cost of Custom Signage


Cost of Custom Signage

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The cost of a custom sign from a sign company near you will vary depending on the size, materials used, and design. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a custom sign. Factors such as the complexity of the design, materials used, preferred colors, and many more. 

Because every sign is different, it might not be easy to provide an accurate pricing estimate in general terms. Your company's name and logo will only appear on any other sign if you purchase numerous signs for use in different branches of the same company. 

With this, any manufacturer making your sign will have to begin the process from one. They will devise a strategy to transform your two-dimensional design into a stunning work of art in three dimensions.

They will need to be very involved in the process when it comes to making it. Because every task is different, those who make signs aren't always able to turn a switch and have a machine make the finished product for them.


Prices for the same items can vary dramatically between different businesses, so don't be afraid to shop around - no two signs are exactly alike and each one comes with its own unique mix of intricacies that'll potentially raise or lower the cost. Be wary of any quote that appears to be significantly lower than the others; this can be a red flag indicating that the manufacturer employs materials of poorer quality.

Keep in mind that a sign is an investment, as this is an important point. Your organization may leave its mark on the world with a sign that is both one-of-a-kind and skillfully created. Simply adding a sign or changing one that is out of date can result in an average sales gain of ten percent for most firms.

In addition, a tremendous permanent installation can last anywhere from eight to twelve years, making it an investment that yields a positive return. How much should you anticipate spending on individualized signs for your business? Let's have a discussion about the things that can raise or lower the price of a sign.


Numerous outdoor signs affect pricing. Instead of being carved, sculpted, painted, or otherwise created, temporary and semi-permanent posters are often printed. They are available in conventional or custom sizes on inexpensive, readily available materials such as coroplast or vinyl. Signmakers utilize aluminum, stainless steel, and other robust materials to create permanent signs.

Due to these characteristics, temporary signage is typically less expensive than permanent ones. Typically, banners vary from $200 to $500 for temporary signage. Permanent signage costs $1,000 or more.

Permanent signage is made from weather-resistant, high-quality materials. In addition, many sign producers utilize superior paint than automobile manufacturers, allowing the color to remain vivid for decades. Permanent signage pricing can vary significantly based on dimensions, materials, and level of sophistication. They may begin in the thousands and rise to the five-figure range.

The mounting requirements of different types of signs also affect pricing. A straightforward banner may be rolled out and displayed on its own or hung in a window. It may be simple to install a temporary yard sign in the ground using a stick or metal platform.

Mounts for permanent signs could be more intricate. For instance, freestanding roadside signs must be secured to the ground with substantial footings. A hanging sign must be attached to the side of the building or suspended from the ceiling. The complexity of the materials and labor involved in the installation will also affect the pricing.


Sizing is a factor that is generally consistent throughout handmade sign shops. Some businesses may even use a square footage-based pricing model. The cost will naturally increase in proportion to the item's size. More prominent signs require additional ink, paint, and supplies. Additionally, heavier and bulkier tasks are more expensive to ship and install, and they frequently require mounting materials that are more robust.

On the other hand, a modest waymark will be easier to create and place. Occasionally, the purchaser can install a minor sign, such as a room number plaque or a temporary yard sign, saving on labor and installation costs.


A sign's price will increase proportionally to its complexity and level of detail. The term complexity refers to the numerous facets of the manufacturing process. The level of detail, such as in a printed photograph as opposed to a solid, one-color image, is significant. The more colors in a design, the more complicated the printing or painting process becomes. 

Complexity can also relate to the production procedures involved in permanent signs. For instance, a digital display or neon lettering will require electrical wiring. In addition, three-dimensional displays with sunken or projecting writing are more challenging to create than flat-faced boards.


Permanent and semi-permanent signage can be made from a variety of materials. Material and its relationship to your brand and the surrounding architecture must be taken into account. 

With so many accessible materials, the cost of signage might vary significantly. Acrylic, Sintra board, coroplast, and vinyl are frequently less expensive than metal. Additionally, electronic components like neon letters will be more expensive, and company owners must account for the ongoing electrical costs associated with keeping them lighted.

Even within a single material, there might be price variations. For example, prices for metal signs might vary based on the type of metal used. For example, aluminum may be more expensive per square foot than the aluminum composite Dibond, which has a polyethylene core and is less expensive.

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The best approach to determine the cost of your sign is to inquire. Every sign is as distinctive as the business it represents, which makes it challenging to generalize pricing without understanding what you have in mind. The advantage of dealing with a full-service custom sign shop is that you can create whatever you think. We welcome challenging and uncommon requests, and our decades of experience make us price experts for even unique, specialized projects. We employ the highest-quality materials and best-in-class design and manufacturing techniques to guarantee that your sign will look fabulous and last for many years.

At Signs By Tomorrow, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality signs at the most competitive prices. You can contact us for an estimate or any other questions about ordering custom signs. We will work with you to create the perfect sign for your business and to ensure that it fits your budget.

We look forward to helping you make the perfect sign for your business!


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