Office Graphics: Part I Branding Your Corporate Environment


Office Graphics: Part I  Branding Your Corporate Environment

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When considering branding, most companies look outward toward the marketplace. They support their brand strategies via advertising, websites, exterior signage and countless other ways.

There’s another great opportunity to build your brand and it can’t come any closer to home. We’re talking, of course, about office graphics in your headquarters and branches!

The benefits are three-fold. With well-designed and thoughtfully applied graphics, you’ll strengthen your brand among partners, clients, prospects and others who visit your office. You’ll subtly underscore the importance of your brand and all it represents to your employees on a daily basis. By branding with graphics, you can also transform a plain interior space into one that’s more attractive, cohesive in its décor and inspiring to all! 

Another plus? You won’t be starting your office upgrade from scratch. If blue and green are your corporate colors, you won’t waste one minute agonizing over which shade of brown to use in your design theme! And, whenever in doubt, your logo becomes your graphic focal point.

So, how best to brand your office with graphics? Here are some thought starters:

  • Feature your company logo in your lobby sign; consider three-dimensional signage or an acrylic sign with standoffs, and illuminate if possible
  • Paint all walls or selected features in your company colors; consider a complementary shade for your carpeting, too
  • Create vinyl wall decals, graphics or wallpaper with your branding
  • Mount full-wall vinyl murals showcasing your company history, significant creations, product labels or scenes of the industry you serve   
  • Frame and mount photos of key products, services or company milestones
  • Incorporate your logo on vinyl window graphics; they add branding to interior glass and also provide an element of privacy to conference rooms and executive offices
  • Apply corporate identity elements (e.g., colors, typeface, logo) to office directories, room name signs and room numbers 
  • Similarly, incorporate brand elements into your ADA signage; the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t prohibit branding as long as your signs adhere to all regulations

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