What is the Difference Between Signs and Signage?


What is the Difference Between Signs and Signage?

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Signs and signage are essential tools for conveying information to people, but they have different purposes. Signs are typically used to give directions or warn of danger, while signage is mainly used for advertising or marketing purposes. Both can be effective in their ways, but choosing the right tool for the job is essential.

Signs are usually designed to be simple and easy to understand, as they must convey their message quickly and efficiently. This often means using symbols or short phrases rather than complete sentences. On the other hand, signage is usually more complex and detailed, as it needs to capture attention and convey a more detailed message.

“Sign” refers to many things:

  • Some kinds of meaningful gestures (sign language)

  • An indicator that points to something else (smoke as a visible sign of fire, the smoke alarm as an auditory sign of smoke and possibly also fire)

  • And probably several others.

Signs are also the physical/visible markers in the world of notifications or warnings:

  • street signs showing parking allowed between these hours, or “one-way street” or “pedestrians crossing”

  • a sign on the window of a shop indicating that they have a holiday sale, and

  • the big sign above the doorway announcing the name of the shop

+All these in the second category can be lumped together under “signage.”

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