Outdoor Custom Banners

Promote your product, service, event or brand with high-impact outdoor custom banners

Outdoor custom banners from Signs By Tomorrow® deliver all the eye-catching impact of billboards at a fraction of the cost! It’s no wonder these tried-and-true outdoor signs are popular with anyone who seeks to call attention to a brand, product, service or special event!

In addition to affordability, versatility is a big plus to our custom vinyl banners, fabric banners and mesh banners. These outdoor hanging banners mount easily to fences, gates, poles, scaffolding, stands, walls, windows and more. Use bungee cords, hooks, ropes, or zip ties to attach to the grommets (i.e., metal-rimmed eyelets) on your business banners.

Another option? Specify pole pockets on your custom outdoor banners. Sewn-in at the upper and lower edges of your event banners, they accept horizontal extensions that many attach to light poles and lampposts. The result? A great display choice!

Individualize your outdoor banners any number of ways

The talented graphic designers at Signs By Tomorrow will create for you a custom banner for outdoor applications with any one or all these promotional elements:

  • Logo
  • Company name
  • Corporate colors
  • Event theme
  • Product or service photo or graphic

Choose from many types of outdoor banners

Signs By Tomorrow offers custom outdoor banners for any occasion and every signage budget. Select from styles including:

  • Outdoor vinyl banners: Long considered the "workhorse" of custom banners, our vinyl banners offer vibrant, eye-catching colors. Big, bold and brilliant, the fade-resistant printing is easy for your audiences to see from down the street or from across a crowded stadium. Vinyl also sets the standard for weather resistance in outdoor banners.
  • Outdoor mesh banners: Our mesh banners feature small holes or wind slits to make them wind-resistant and an ideal choice for larger banner applications. Water- and UV-resistant, they’re also tough enough to withstand both rain and sunlight-induced fading. Many marketers use our woven-polyester mesh banners as architectural building wraps to cover a building façade or entire structure when it’s under construction. They hide the building work going on behind the mesh banner and, to passersby, present an image of what the structure of will look like when completed! Note: Due to the small holes, our mesh banners are slightly transparent. As a result, they’re best used to display simple, high-resolution visuals. Choose our outdoor vinyl banners or outdoor fabric banners to showcase your complex designs.
  • Outdoor fabric banners: Water resistant, our custom outdoor fabric banners deliver excellent color quality and clear graphics with an attractive matte finish. Digital printing on fabric offers higher resolution than on vinyl. And, our outdoor fabric banners resist fading and tearing. All that said, vinyl banners are probably the better choice for longer-term, out-of-door applications.
  • Outdoor pole banners: Sometimes called avenue banners, lamppost banners, street banners or other names, our pole banners are printed on high-quality vinyl. Typically displayed on street poles using a bracket system with extending upper and lower support arms, these outdoor signs feature a sleeve (or pole pocket) sewn into the top of the outdoor banner and at the bottom of the outdoor banner. Street smart solutions, our pole banners are often located near cities for holiday events or seasonal occasions. Retailers and restaurants also mount avenue banners on lampposts in front of their business to attract store traffic or enhance brand identity.
  • Outdoor flag banners: Our custom flag banners go by a lot of different names. While much the same, they come in slightly different shapes. Custom flag banners are also called feather banners, teardrop banners, custom flags, rectangle flags, razor flags, and even feather flag banners. They feature a vertical, custom banner or flag that’s attached to a fiberglass pole. It, in turn, is mounted on a spike base for insertion into the ground, a metal base or a cross-foot base. The latter two options are often weighted with water or sandbags. One key benefit to flag banners? They rotate and flutter in the wind, adding a dynamic, eye-catching quality to your signage. As a result, feather banners and teardrop banners in bright, custom-printed polyester are a favorite outdoor banner option for auto dealerships, grand openings, open houses, seasonal sales and other special events!

Consider all the popular uses for outdoor banners

Affordable and attractive, custom banners for outdoor use from Signs By Tomorrow are used in countless applications, including:

  • Advertising banners
  • Birthday banners
  • Business banners
  • Celebration banners
  • Church banners
  • Civic banners
  • Concert banners
  • Convention banners
  • Event banners
  • Fair banners
  • Golf tournament banners
  • Graduation banners
  • Grand opening banners
  • Holiday banners
  • Military banners
  • Movie premiere banners
  • Parade banners
  • Political banners
  • Real estate banners
  • Red carpet event banners
  • Sale banners
  • School banners
  • Sports team banners
  • Sporting event banners
  • Trade show banners

Questions & Answers

What are some of the benefits of outdoor custom banners?

They are reusable. While many employ custom outdoor banners for one-time events, countless others recycle them from year-to-year for civic fairs, holiday events, marathons and more. 

Custom outdoor banners are also easy to maintain and store. Cleaning is often a matter of washing with a mild soap-and-water solution with a non-abrasive cloth. As for storage, it’s recommended you roll up vinyl banners and keep them in a cool, dry and dark place until needed again.

Versatility is another plus. Want to print on one side or both sides? Single-sided outdoor banners and double-sided outdoor banners are readily fabricated. What’s more, there’s no rule that says you can’t use your outdoor custom banners for indoor applications. Hang them wherever you think they’ll do you the most good!

See inspiring examples of our many types of outdoor custom banners

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas on your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today. For a more in-depth look at some options, use the links below. 

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