A Puzzling Project for a Good Cause is Brought to Life


A Puzzling Project for a Good Cause is Brought to Life

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A puzzling project indeed…

The Center for Adoption Support and Education presented us with a puzzle… literally. They had a great idea that would be both an interactive activity and a focal point for their Branching Out Gala.

First, we created a giant working puzzle with 40 unique interlocking pieces. These were all cut from ?” PVC

Each puzzle piece corresponded with a velcroed space on a large panel of Ultra Board. Graphics were applied using Cut Vinyl.

The main challenge was how to find a way to make it free standing and interactive. 

Most displays are not built to be pushed and pulled on with heavy removable pieces... but this one sure was.

Using a 5” wide aluminum mighty mount our ultra-board substrate was durable while also forgiving of any handling from participants.

The result was a 7’ tall display that sure grabbed some attention! Our new friends at C.A.S.E. even gave us a shout out on social media platforms.

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