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For every order we make, we always send you, the customer, what we call a proof. This proof is your opportunity to double check your order before we produce it. We will never produce an order without written approval of a proof. Since this is our chance to make sure we are all on the same page before we make your custom signage, it is vital that you take a moment to review all of the details presented before you give us the go-ahead. Below is a list which will help you make sure that nothing is missed!

1.Your contact information

At the top of your proof sheet, you will see a section for Your company name, your name, your phone number, and email address. Please review this to make sure we have the correct information. If you need to make a change, please speak to your sign consultant. The email address is especially important because we notify you via email when your sign order is ready for pick up.

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Whether you provided the size or we suggested one, please look at both the drawing’s measurements and the description to make sure we have the size AND orientation correct for your signage. Due to production processes, your finished size may be nominally different. If it is extremely important that your signage is EXACTLY the size listed, please be sure to communicate that to your sign consultant.

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This proof is our opportunity to make sure that you and your sign consultant are on the same page about the finished product you will receive. Please be sure that you understand the material that has been recommended to you for your signage. If you do not understand what the material is or would like to see a sample, please be sure to speak to your sign consultant.

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Do we have the quantity correct? Did you only need one? Two? Did you order multiple signs with different quantities for each? Your proof shows you exactly what we will produce so make sure you are counting every detail.

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Even if you sent us ready-to-print artwork, you need to verify that it looks correct on your proof. Different programs & even printers will interpret artwork files in their own unique way so be sure to double check that your artwork looks the way you intended it to. Be careful to check gradients, drop shadows, and other design effects.


We all know how important it is to double check your spelling in an important business email, but your sign is also an important reflection of your business! Please double check all spelling – especially if we had to typeset any text for you. Typesetting means your information was re-typed and formatted by one of our designers. Mistakes can happen so be sure to read all of the information carefully.


Digital proofs show you location of color, but should not be used to match colors. The colors you see on your screen when viewing the proof are not going to be 100% accurate to the way it will look when printed. If your sign needs to have specific shades of a color, we can certainly do that if we have a point of reference. You can either provide us with a physical copy of something that has the color on it, or 100% solid coated Pantone color. You can also always request a hard proof color sample to see what your artwork will look like before final production.

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8.Turnaround Time

Although the name of our company is Signs By Tomorrow and a lot of our products are offered next day, not everything can be made that quickly. More complex production methods like engraving, routing, painting, and metal fabrication have a longer turnaround. Your turnaround time will always be listed on your proof and you should always let your sign consultant know if you have any deadlines that you need to meet. We are miracle workers and will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

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The cost will also always be listed on your proof. If the price we’ve quoted you doesn’t fit within your budget for the project, please speak to your sign consultant about alternative options before shopping elsewhere. We have a lot of materials and solutions for every budget. We will do everything we can to meet your budget constraints without sacrificing quality.

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10.Installation/Delivery Address

If you are not going to be picking up your signage order from one of our stores and have asked for installation services or for your order to be shipped to you, please verify that we have the correct address for delivery or installation. We also need the name and phone number of the person to either meet on site or receive the package. Be sure to let your sign consultant know if there are any special restrictions for shipping packages or getting onto your site. 

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If you keep all of these things in mind before approving, we are sure your custom signage order will be exactly what you want and need.

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