Reinforce Your Brand While Helping Customers Navigate with Wayfinding Signage


Reinforce Your Brand While Helping Customers Navigate with Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding refers to an information system (i.e., series of directional signs) that guides people through an indoor or outdoor environment while increasing their understanding of the space.

It comprises directory signs and digital directories, maps, arrows and office numbers as well as restroom, entrance, exit and stairwell signs and other wayfinding signage. Together, these elements help shoppers, visitors, travelers or event attendees orient themselves and find their way to their desired destination.

And, don’t think the concept applies only to interior wayfinding signage. Parking lot signs, entranceway signs and other exterior wayfinding signs are integral to a successful strategy.

The benefits of wayfinding systems are multifold. When it’s well designed and strategically positioned, wayfinding signage and environmental signage make a good initial impression, increases visitor satisfaction by minimizing missteps and frustrations and can also help you enhance your décor and build your brand! As a “plus,” wayfinding elements can be produced so they adhere to Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

When specifying interior wayfinding signage and exterior wayfinding signs, work with your signage resource to incorporate your logo, corporate colors, graphics and typefaces. In doing so, you’ll not only improve the aesthetics of your store, office, building or campus, but also create a branding experience that’s consistent with—and supportive of—your other efforts.

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