Acrylic Donor Wall for Riverside High


Acrylic Donor Wall for Riverside High

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Recently we created a large Acrylic Plaque for Riverside High School. Acrylic Panels Signs are sleek, durable, and hard to beat when it comes to interior signage. Although they can be printed to any color or design, this material mimics glass without the added weight or fragility.

This project was installed using 10 Silver stand offs for a clean modern look. Our Standoffs make installation a breeze and leaves minimal damage to walls when it’s time to move. It only took two of our experts to come by and install this piece. All went well despite their surprise participation in a school wide fire drill.   

“… The crew you sent over to install the project were the nicest group of men to work with. They were super professional and patient.
I wanted you to know the project turned out amazing!!! It was well received by our donors, facility and staff…”

We are always thrilled when clients are just as excited for their projects as we are!

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