Signs Your School Can Benefit From


Signs Your School Can Benefit From

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Whether you’re preparing to welcome in new students, host a school event or plan senior graduation, chances are your buildings and campus can benefit from fresh signage. A strong communication strategy across your entire school can help students and staff alike stay informed and motivated throughout the entire school year. 

Signs and graphics are a key part of the school environment that can have a powerful impact on the behavior of everyone who walks your halls. Consider how you can use the following to inform, educate and promote best practices and strong learning. 

  • Entrance and exit signs: Having clearly-marked entrances and exits to buildings on your campus can help everyone safely find their way. You may have changed the flow of foot traffic through your building during the pandemic to adjust for social distancing, or perhaps you’ve made recent renovations that impact how people traverse your campus. No matter the reason, it’s important to provide easy navigation across your campus.  
  • Health and hygiene signs: Schools should encourage both their students and staff members to follow best practices for hygiene and handwashing. While verbal instructions can play a strong role, it’s signage that will reinforce these guidelines and keep everyone practicing them consistently. Position them strategically in spots like bathroom mirrors, lobby entrances and throughout hallways. 
  • Parking signs: Many staff, parents, visitors and perhaps even your students arrive to school by car. Instructing them where to park and how to get to their destination on campus quickly and efficiently helps you maintain safety. As drivers navigate your parking lot and other outdoor spaces, it’s important that they receive clear directional guidance. Consider A-frames and yard signs for temporary changes, or metal signs for permanent parking areas. 
  • Banners and banner stands: Weather-resistant and cost-effective, banners are a great way for your school to announce events like parents’ evenings, contests, dances, performances, sports events and more. For indoor spaces like lobbies, consider banner stands – their vertical layout makes them perfect for listing building and campus rules, or to help guide the way. 
  • Pole banners: It’s easy to create a consistent look for an entire campus when you use pole banners that bear your school’s name, logo and colors. You can also use them to drum up awareness about upcoming art or music events, or to celebrate an athletic championship. 
  • Yard signs: Economical and easy to set up, yard signs and lawn signs can be positioned outside throughout your school grounds and into your local community, making them ideal for spreading awareness. Consider using them to promote meetings and events, or simply to celebrate and motivate your students. 

These are just a handful of sign types to consider for your school. Having an experienced signage consultant from Signs By Tomorrow survey your campus can help you approach each space with a new perspective. And when you work with us, we’ll develop a fully-customized signage solution that meets your needs. 

Ready to get started for signs and graphics for your school? Contact Signs By Tomorrow today to set up a free consultation. 


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