Smart Outdoor Office Sign Ideas For Your Business


Increase the visibility of your office with custom outdoor signs!

Outdoor office signs are a crucial part of your business. Studies performed by the Sign Research Foundation show 54% of American consumers failed to find a business because they did not have proper signage. When your clients are unable to find your office, you may lose out on their business. This means, there’s a direct relationship between effective signage and the success of a business.

Exterior signs can also help develop and maintain your brand. The visual impact of your outdoor office sign will depend on the type of sign, the colors, the lights, the font, the symbols, the size, and even the material you select.

Choosing a professional sign will be crucial to help support your business goals. When it comes to outdoor office signs there are many options available. To help narrow down your options, we put together this list of some of the most popular options for exterior signage. If you are looking for a new office sign or to update the one you have, learn more about some of the options here. 

Office Signs - Signs By TomorrowBuilding Signs

Building signs are directly installed on the walls of your office building. These signs are specially manufactured with weather resistant materials to withstand the elements. The most popular types of outdoor building signs are:

Outdoor dimensional letters: These signs are also called 3D or Raised letter signs. They use dimensional letters to add depth to your sign and help it stand out. These signs have a clean and professional appearance, they can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces and require very little maintenance.

Outdoor Lightboxes: These signs are illuminated boxes ideal for promoting your business 24/7. The advantage of having a lighted sign is you will be able to capture people’s attention day and night. Lightbox signs are versatile since their front clear panel can be easily changed. You can inexpensively update your sign without having to replace the whole thing. For people who want to make seasonal changes to their signs, a lightbox sign can be a great long-term investment.

 Awnings: Custom awnings can include the name of your office, phone number, and any other information you want to display. In summer days awnings provide additional shade and during rainy days they provide shelter for people walking by. If your office is in an area with a lot of pedestrians, awnings can be very useful to attract new customers.

Pole banners: You can install pole banners on the walls of your building. They can be used to promote your services, or they can also be personalized for special events.

LED Signs: Electronic or LED signs can be installed directly on your office building, or they can also be freestanding structures. Certain electronic or digital signs allow a lot of different customization options. LED lights can be combined with other types of signs to improve their brightness and visibility. 

Office Signs - Monument Outdoor Sign Signs By TomorrowFreestanding Signs

Freestanding signs are not connected to your building and can be placed in different locations around your office. If your office is inside a building with multiple locations, or if the storefront is not visible from the street, freestanding signs help customers find you. The most common types of freestanding office signs used are:

Monument Signs:  These detached signs are often set up close to the entrance of the parking areas. Monument signs can be easily seen from the street and moving vehicles. In many cases, monument signs are used by multiple offices in the same location.

Outdoor Routed & Sandblasted Signs: These signs are usually made of wood. They give the sign a rustic and natural appearance. Outdoor routed signs are often used by companies in the legal and financial industry.

Pylon Signs: The biggest benefit of Pylon signs is they help increase the visibility of your office. They stand out because they are usually mounted on top of tall poles. They are very versatile, and you can choose to customize the front and back panels of the sign.

Changeable letter signs: For businesses wanting to update the messages featured outside of their office, changeable letter signs can be a great solution. These signs are commonly found at churches or schools, but offices also use them to communicate with people passing by their business. 

Office Signs - Parking lot signs Signs By TomorrowOther exterior office signs:

There are many other types of outdoor signs offices use to attract new customers or direct existing clients. The most frequently used signs are:

Window and door graphics: These signs are very affordable and can be used to brand the entrance to your office and exterior windows. Depending on the location of your office and the industry you are in, attractive window graphics can help you stand out against competitors. You can get very creative when it comes to these types of signs; they are versatile and easy to install.

Wayfinding Signs: These signs are meant to help you guide people around your office. They are often used to welcome people, display working hours, or provide further instructions for visitors. These signs should always be branded with the name of your company and match your other exterior signs.

Sidewalk signs: These signs are also known as A-Frame signs. They can be made in a variety of materials and are usually placed on sidewalks. Offices often use them to feature special promotions and attract new people to their business.

If you need help deciding what type of exterior sign is right for your office, you can rely on the experts at Signs By Tomorrow®.

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