Summertime Sign Care


Summertime Sign Care

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The sun is the single most important factor in the longevity of outdoor signage. It's ultraviolet (UV) light causes color pigments to fade and plastics (including paints) to break down.  Wind, rain, snow, sleet, freezing temperatures and severe storms can affect the longevity of your signs.


How Does Your Sign Stand Up?

Signage durability is often at the mercy of the material selected. An aluminum sign, for example, should last 7-10 years. Another common material, medium density overlay panel (MDO), will probably not last quite as long, perhaps 5-10 years. 


Depending on the climate in your area, vehicle wraps usually last from three to seven years. A bonus? Sections can be easily replaced if you’re in a fender bender or if important information needs updating.


Our Tips:

1. We offer UV laminate for many outdoor materials that can block out these harmful rays!

2. Don't leave any signage in a hot car. They will warp!

3. Talk to your signage experts at Signs By Tomorrow to determine the best material and location for your project. 


For more information check out our guide to summertime sign care or talk to one of our designers about any questions you have! 




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