Upcoming Events this Spring & Summer? Get Ready with Yard Signage.


Upcoming Events this Spring & Summer? Get Ready with Yard Signage.

Whether your expected number of guests is in the hundreds, or somewhere in the thousands, using effective, custom yard signs can make or break the success of any gathering. When planning any event, conveying information about your brand, event, or even just providing directional wayfinding, is critical. Portable and easily transported, yard signs are often the simplest way to communicate a message to a large amount of people in a relatively inexpensive way. But before we get into why these little, plastic placards are so powerful, we’ll start by defining what qualifies as a yard sign.

What makes a yard sign…well, a yard sign?

Frequently referred to as event signs, directional signs, lawn signs, or bandit signs, yard signs are small, rectangular panels, often consisting of corrugated plastic and an H-frame.  Placing down a yard sign only requires putting the two wire posts, which jut out of the sign’s bottom, into the ground—hence the moniker, yard sign. We recommend you stick to soil though – metal posts don’t usually penetrate concrete (who’d have thought?).
Why yard signs are a perfect for your next event:

1. Yard signs are versatile. 

Yard signs are not just for yards. You can use them to build top-of-the-mind awareness of your event by sprinkling them throughout city streets and along pedestrian walkways. 

Not only that, but yard signs can help attendees of your event navigate a confusing layout. A series of outdoor directional signs can keep your guests on route and out of restricted areas. And because they can be moved around so easily, shuffling around venues and temporary stands is a simply a matter of reorganizing your temporary signage.

2. Yard signs are bold, bright, and memorable.

Lawn signs are popular for a reason: they’re an effective touchpoint for attendees walking through a chaotic gathering of people. Often designed and sized to custom specifications, yard signs never appear generic or blend into the crowd (unless you want them to, of course).

Looking for another eye-catching way to raise your brand or event’s profile? Place your logo and color scheme on directional signage to further increase visibility. 

If you’re still wondering where to place your signs for maximum impact, check out a few ideas here.

3. Yard signage is one of the most affordable ways to promote your event.

Yes, billboards are admittedly large. But they also cost thousands of dollars a month and lack the ability to target a specific audience. 

With plastic event signage, you can blanket the neighborhoods most likely to attend your seminar, conference, or festival—at a fraction of the cost. 

4. Yard signs are lightweight, and easy on the back.

Because lawn signs are made of corrugated plastic in a sandwich-board design, they can be transported with little difficulty. A-frame signs and post and panel signs can be cumbersome to install over a large area because of their weight, but hundreds of yard signs could potentially fit in a transport vehicle. 

5. Yard signs are durable and weather-resistant.

A well-made yard sign will withstand the elements, allowing you to reuse your plastic signage again and again. And as long as they’re firmly planted into the ground, they won’t blow away in a storm either. Talk about affordable.

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