What are the benefits of using truck and trailer graphics?


What are the benefits of using truck and trailer graphics?

If you to spend a lot of the time on the road, you’ve probably seen a lot of businesses using vehicle graphics to promote their services. You may have wondered if that type of advertising is truly effective.

Recent studies found that 90% of people notice and remember graphics and text they see on other vehicles. They also found the average “cost per thousand impressions” (CPM) for vehicle graphics can be as low as $0.15. To compare, direct mail has on average a CPM of $57.00, TV has a CPM of $28.00, Magazine and Newspaper have a CPM of $16.00, Radio and Billboard have an average CPM of $5.00 to $10.00.  So, when held up to other types of traditional advertising, the cost is extremely low. 

Vehicle graphics have become one of the most effective methods to grow a company’s clientele. The American Trucking Association said on average truck decals and trailer wraps can reach an average of 16 million visual impressions per year. Truck and trailer graphics are now considered mobile billboards. If your company owns one of more box trucks, you should be taking advantage of this.

The biggest benefits of using truck and trailer graphics are:

1. Customization: Truck and trailer graphics can be made using personalized and branded designs. These designs can be scaled to fit any size. The images used are digitally enhanced and printed in vibrant and attractive colors to get your company’s message in front of many consumers.

2. Cost-Effective Solution: Based on the number of impressions and leads it helps generate, truck and trailer graphics are one of the most inexpensive and effective marketing investments. Get your brand in front of a lot of people with a smaller budget!

3. Durability: The high-quality materials used for vehicle graphics are durable and resistant to harsh elements and the wear and tear they receive on the road. The strong adhesives used are specially designed for outdoor use and ensure the graphics won’t peel or easily bubble. Most vehicle graphics are made of vinyl and chemically treated to make them flexible and water resistant.

4. Variety: There are many different types of graphics you can use on your vehicle. They can vary from simple lettering decals to full vehicle wraps. Vehicle graphics can vary depending on the type of finish used and there are many options to choose from such as gradients, carbon fiber, or even chrome.  

5. Mobility: Whether your truck travels across states or only in a metropolitan location, it will still be able to reach a great number of viewers. If you own a local business the people who see your trucks on a regular basis are more than likely your target demographic. Make sure your trucks are branded with your logo, slogan, services, phone number, and website. Remember, even when your truck is parked, it’s still promoting your brand.

6. It won’t affect your cars resale value: Sometimes people wonder if graphics will ruin a vehicle's paint. Nowadays, good quality vinyl wraps help act as cover for the paint, helping to prevent damage from weather exposure, scratches, and chips.

Some of the most common industries placing orders for truck and trailer graphics are:

  • Construction and Manufacturing
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Catering and produce trailers
  • Contractors
  • Food and Beverage

Trucks are some of the best candidates for vehicle graphics. Their big surface area can be used to advertise products and services. Make the best use of your trucks! Signs By Tomorrow can design, produce, and install semi-truck or trailer graphics to help your brand reach thousands of people on a daily basis. Contact us to see how we can help.

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