What are the Possible Uses for Wall Graphics?


What are the Possible Uses for Wall Graphics?

Walls are meant to do so much more than simply hold up your ceiling. With the right graphics, walls that were once drab and dreary can transform a room, giving you the power to brand, inspire and beautify.

Wall graphics come in many shapes and sizes – literally! And, there are a variety of types available! Cut vinyl letters allow you to mount a slogan or quote to a wall. Cut vinyl wall decals let you post one or several graphics, such as a logo or products offered. If you’d like to cover a larger space with a custom wall mural, you have two options: vinyl wall wraps and custom wallpaper.

Vinyl wall wraps stretch from corner to corner and floor to ceiling. Custom wallpaper – similar to what you’d buy off the shelf – is one-of-a-kind and digitally printed with your choice of photos, or in a corporate color that’s all your own!

So, given these options, what are the possible uses for wall graphics?

Here are some ways that stores, restaurants, offices, schools and others are using vinyl lettering, wall graphics and custom wall murals to personalize, motivate and excite!

Welcome visitors with lobby wall graphics

When visitors enter your reception room, greet them with a vinyl wall decal of your logo. Or, use wall decals to demonstrate your product or service in action. Another option? Install a full-wall vinyl mural or add custom wallpaper. The mural might showcase classic cars if you’re in the automotive industry or historical photos to reflect your history. Own a French restaurant? Take them to Paris with an image of the Champs-Élysées!   

Digitally printed custom wallpaper can also be used present a mural, or to accent your logo by flying your corporate colors.

Improve the décor of your entire facility

Don’t limit the benefits of vinyl wall graphics or custom wall murals to your lobby. Apply the same creativity to walls in conference rooms, executive offices or well-traveled hallways. Wall decals or wall murals can reveal your company’s heritage through vintage drawings or sketches of early designs or inventions. Celebrate a success with a photo of your high school team winning the championship game, or use wall decals and vinyl wall lettering to honor important donors at your hospital or charity.

Motivate workers with wall quotes

Wall Graphics with brand mission

Something as simple as your corporate tagline in vinyl wall letters or an inspirational quote from a philosopher or philanthropist can motivate workers. Tap into your internal resources; raise a quote in vinyl letters from the company founder on the importance of quality or creativity. It could inspire visitors and employees alike! Post these in your hallways, lobby or conference room. Use them in a break room or employee kitchen.

A whimsical quote or reference to pop culture in vinyl letters can fuel a positive and light-hearted work environment. For your die-hard Star Wars fans, may we suggest: “When Serving your Customers, May the Force be with You!” Alternately, try “Coffee is for Clothiers!” at a department store or “Keep Calm and Steal Home” in a coach’s office.

Of course, your vinyl lettering for walls does not need to spell out a slogan or maxim. You can create a focus wall with vinyl letters for encouraging words, such as “quality,” “integrity,” “service” and the like.  

Go the wayfinding route

Point visitors in the right direction with vinyl lettering for walls that directs them to “Restrooms,” “Science Classrooms” and other destinations. These vinyl wall graphics might include arrows, cartoon-like pointing hands or perhaps a vinyl graphic of a fork and knife matched with “Dining Room.”

An attractive choice for any application

Vinyl lettering for walls, vinyl wall graphics and custom vinyl wall murals are endlessly customizable and affordable. They’re also easy to clean and maintain. Most feature laminates that protect the surface and provide for easy cleaning. That makes them a great choice for restaurants and retail stores as well as busy office hallways, schools and libraries. Cleanup can be as quick and simple as a swift wipe-down with a moist cloth!

Brand, inspire and beautify with vinyl wall graphics. See Signs By Tomorrow Rockville for budget-friendly solutions.

With a complete selection of indoor vinyl lettering and graphics, we have solutions for every application and budget. To get started, contact us today.