Fabric Graphic Displays



Fabric Graphic Displays


Going With the Flow:

How Fabric Smoothed the Way for One Retailer


The Challenge: Standing Out From the Competition


It’s a difficult challenge that’s plagued advertisers and retailers for years. Standing out in a sea of competition requires creative marketing, out-of-the-box designs, state-of-the-art graphics and high-quality imagery.

Autoway Nissan needed to significantly improve an existing kiosk in the Westfield Brandon Mall in Florida. The overall layout and signage was not cohesive, and the graphics were outdated and uninteresting.

 The Solution: High-End Fabric Graphics

 Signs By Tomorrow (SBT) Rockville, MD presented the solution for standing out from the crowd: high-end, custom fabric graphics for the Westfield Autoway Nissan’s kiosk.  



The Result:

Fabric Delivers the “Wow” Factor

 Without a doubt, fabric is a hot trend in marketing graphics. The flowing look combined with the vivid colors achieved through the dye sublimation process capture the attention of today’s visual audiences to achieve the coveted “wow” factor. The Signs By Tomorrow design team looked to Europe to source the frames needed for this project.

 The SBT team chose fabric for the Westfield Autoway Nissan solution because nothing delivers the richness of color that the combination of fabric and dye-sublimation printing does. The vibrant colors give a high-end appearance. With graphics printed to the curved edges, the impression of a seamless solution is clear. This cutting-edge alternative to bulky metal frames maximizes the flexibility of the stretchy material. Frameless graphics are convenient and simple to install in minutes. Large graphic sizes can be achieved on fabric.



Before Signs By Tomorrow Upgrades

 Autoway Nissan occupies the floor space in the mall’s center court and features three cars, overhead banners, computer cart and several sign holders. The client generated 17-31 car sales per month, although the lack of signage and graphic updates was very obvious. 


After Signs By Tomorrow Upgrades

 Signs By Tomorrow’s curved fabric display solution increased sales leads dramatically, after the upgrades were installed. New sales leads were obtained and the fabric solution made a strong, lasting impression.

 Taking Graphics to the Edge

 High-impact fabric graphics take images literally to the edge, eliminating the framed-in look. For Autoway Nissan, the showroom atmosphere was re-created as the mall’s brick columns were covered with the custom fabric artwork. The new graphics coupled with the custom workstations gave enhancements that increased the visibility for clients.

 To create the seamless look, Autoway Nissan chose 18 silicon edge graphic framing systems. SBT’s design team produced fourteen 3’x12’ dye sublimation prints on fabric that wrapped around columns and four, double-sided 4’x12’ dye sublimation prints for the client. Finished with silicone edges and inserted into fabric frames, the impact of the display is tremendous.

 Fabric graphics are easy to change if different Nissan vehicles are required in the future. Signs By Tomorrow Rockville sent a team of experts to handle the fabric installation after hours to avoid disruptions to mall patrons. Lightweight and inexpensive to ship, Signs By Tomorrow’s fabric graphics are the perfect solution for many marketing strategies.



“The new look is great. I wrote 40 leads last Saturday.”

Tom Swayze, Onsite Autoway Sales